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How to Achieve the Highest ROI in a Warehouse Automation Investment

Before embarking on a large scale initiative most businesses want to determine the return on investment, “ROI”. There needs to be a detailed analysis performed prior to starting the project to understand the financial savings and the operational improvements that are the critical reasons a firm is investing in automating the order fulfillment process, such…


Seven Steps to Prepare for Peak Season

Have you walked into a retail store recently and noticed that the Halloween decorations are already in full swing? Some retailers are beginning to display Thanksgiving décor, so Christmas decorations are right around the corner! If you’re thinking hey, it’s only September, you are already behind the curve in preparing for peak shipping season.


Retain Distribution Center Workers

How to Retain Distribution Center Workers and Increase Productivity! Automation is a key strategy proven to lower labor requirements and increase operational productivity, but it’s never going to eliminate the need to have a dedicated, motivated and hard-working team of employees. Many DC’s are discovering that investing in their workforce magnifies the performance of their…


Success Story – 200% Productivity Boost

A Systems Integration Project Numina Group’s Automated Fulfillment Solution Optimized the Entire Order Fulfillment Operation by Reducing Labor, Increasing Throughput, and Managing the Critical Same Day Priority Shipments. Challenge: Due to significant growth, Merit Medical, a major medical and surgical supply manufacturer headquartered near Salt Lake City, Utah moved into a new distribution center in…


Warehouse Integration Specialist

Reasons Customers choose Numina Group as their Warehouse Integration Specialist Numina Group has just celebrated its 33rd birthday as a warehouse integration specialist. We’ve come a long way from our beginnings. Dan Hanrahan and Mark Woodworth are the founders and were the first two employees. Mark’s original office was located in a converted garage; yes,…


Parcel Forum

Numina Group will exhibit at Parcel Forum in Dallas, TX October 28 – 30th . Parcel Forum 2019 is the only conference dedicated to professionals responsible for shipping, warehousing, packaging, distribution, and delivery of parcels. Stop by Parcel forum booth # 419 to learn about Pick, Pack, Ship automation solutions that accelerate distribution performance. Stop…



Numina Group’s Warehouse Technologies and Software to be showcased at Promat 2019 – Booth #S4237 Numina Group, a leading material handling order fulfillment automation integrator, will demonstrate several of their key technologies including pick by voice, pick and pack to light and exclusive print and apply labeling solutions integrated for automating pack and ship operations.…


Visit Booth S4237 at Promat 2019

April 8-11 at Chicago’s McCormick Place Promat is one of the Manufacturing, Distribution, and Supply Chain Industries’ largest and most prestigious trade shows. Numina will be demonstrating our innovative technologies proven in hundreds of applications to increase distribution profitability. Experience a hands on demo of our zero training voice driven picking solution – pick an…


Advantages of RDS™ Intelligent Automation Voice Picking Solutions Suite

Numina Group has been at the forefront of Intelligent Automation with voice picking solutions for Material Handling and Order Fulfillment for over 30 years. Intelligent Automation takes traditional automation and makes it smarter, able to tackle more complicated processes – software enables the automation to make decisions based on rules, for example. This greatly…


Voice Picking Software Improves Perfect Order Metrics

Unlike the vast majority of online shoppers, I frequently think about voice picking software and perfect order KPI’s because I am in the warehouse automation solutions business. During the recent Holiday rush, however, I experienced firsthand the additional costs to businesses when they fail to meet shipping deadlines. I recently received an unexpected (and unwelcome)…

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