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Helping all industry and market segments increase efficiency and accuracy

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Warehouse Distribution Centers, regardless of size, require efficient means to manage Omni-channel fulfillment in the industries and markets they serve. The challenge is fast and efficient order fulfillment with the highest accuracy and shortest time window in the same DC. Numina Group’s design services, software, and innovative technologies deliver solutions proven to execute complex order fulfillment requirements that improve warehouse productivity and enhance customer service.

Whether you are in the planning stage for a new distribution center or investigating process improvements such as adding an E-com process at an existing operation, our pick, pack, and ship warehouse automation software and technologies will streamline the order fulfillment process.  For over 30 years, we have combined lean process design, real-time software and the right material handling technologies to deliver customers the means to increase profitability.  Contact us to learn how we can help.

Industries and Market Expertise:

  • E-commerce, B to B, B to C Fulfillment
  • Medical Suppliers
  • Pharmaceutical and Nutraceutical
  • Sporting Goods
  • Multi-tier Marketing
  • Manufacturing/Kitting
  • Retail & Retail Suppliers
  • Third Party Logistics
  • Parcel Delivery
    • Apparel, accessories and footwear
    • Automotive Parts
    • HVAC and Plumbing Suppliers
    • Book and media
    • Convenience Stores
    • Computer & Electronics
    • Food and food service
    • General merchandise
    • Health and Beauty
    • Home improvement
    • Industrial Maintenance Supplies

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