RDS™ Order Release Automation Software module for Wave Based Batch Picking Processes


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Numina Group’s Real-time Distribution Software, RDS™ contains a very flexible and powerful order release management module for increasing picking productivity across the entire Distribution center (DC). The latest version of RDS™ order release module uses Intelligence Automation Software (IA), to optimize order fulfillment productivity. The software goes far beyond traditional wave, batch or continuous order release methods. The software includes algorithms to select orders based on several variables to more efficiently balance work modeled on historic picking performance and real-time metrics of the DC’s zones picking performance. The software takes into account picking tasks and travel in each zone to synchronize the batch wave picking completion time across the DC.

Benefits of Batch Picking

In a discrete picking operation, the orders are individually picked. This often means returning to the same bin location dozens of times for each order every few hours. It creates excessive travel time for fork trucks or the operator pushing a pick cart.

RDS™ Batch order release software eliminates the waste. It provides a number of benefits, such as:

  • Eliminates repetitive steps: Selecting a group of orders with like items to pick at once for 10 or more orders at the same time means an employee may only need to visit the storage bin once or twice an hour.
  • Significantly Lower Labor Costs: When operators are accurately directed with the right technology to pick 5 items at the same time with both item scan validation of the pick and put to order tasks, and the items are placed directly into order cartons or totes, picking rates are 2X faster than a discrete order picking process. Faster picking rates equates to less labor spend.
  • Higher productivity: Batch picking results in orders being fulfilled faster, so more orders are completed per hour at a lower labor cost per hour.

Order release, with wave and batch picking is well suited to E-commerce and B2B mixed SKU less than case order to manage a low touch rapid order fulfillment operation, where orders are picked, packed, and shipped in a tight time window same-day delivery method. A Wave based, optimized batch order picking process adds speed, accuracy, and efficiency to a DC’s order picking process, especially compared to discrete order picking. The software can provide 50% or higher productivity gains.

The software module considers the pool of available orders, performs the order selection and releases the wave for the cart batch based on available pickers, travel path optimization, orders with like items and historical performance data for increasing picking density and speed across the synchronizing pick zones. The operators or autonomous mobile guided batch pick carts are directed to locations in travel order so batch picking of the items are picked and packed to both order cartons or totes within each zone. A “Speed Pick Process” is also interleaved with the carton and tote picking with pack rules logic for directing pick completed carts to the packing operations.

Totes with picked items from the zones requiring consolidation are directed to an order sorter or a put to light wall for directing the order consolidation and packing operation. Orders that are picked complete within each zone (totes or cartons) are directed directly to packing. The a The wave based batch picking software module increases picking density, speed, and productivity throughout the order fulfillment operation which is the primary reason many facilities are adopting this strategy to streamline the order fulfillment operation. 

Numina Group Defines and Implements Complete Solutions

Warehouse improvement expertise, technology and automation knowledge, data analysis, comprehensive WES-WCS software implementation, are all in-house skills applied by Numina Group’s engineering team to transform customer’s existing or new warehousing and distribution operations into highly efficient pick, pack, and ship operations. Our Real-Time Distribution Software, RDS™ is a modular software platform that includes:

  • Cartonization
  • Order Release
  • Voice Picking Suite
  • Pick to Light
  • Put to Light
  • Conveyor and material handling equipment control

These software modules all work together for a complete order picking solution that manages batch picking processes fork-trucks, batch push carts, and Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMRs).

RDS’s comprehensive order fulfillment suite automated warehouse solutions  includes all the software and technology components to deliver a solution tailored to the client’s needs for a unified operation. 

Let us put our 35 years of warehouse automation expertise to work improving your warehouse operation. To learn more about Numina Group’s order pick and modular pick, pack, and ship solutions, contact us today.