RDS Warehouse Software

Real time control and execution platform to manage advanced warehouse material handling equipment

RDS™ Warehouse Software for Real-Time Warehouse Execution & Control

Numina Group designs and implements automated warehouse systems for a wide range of industries. We offer comprehensive warehouse layout design, warehouse software, and material handling solutions to optimize processes and improve operating efficiencies and throughput in your operations.

Reduce Labor, Increase Productivity and Profitability with RDS WES-WCS

The foundation of our warehouse automation solutions is RDS™ WES-WCS, a comprehensive warehouse software platform with the right tools and flexibility to automate your warehouse.

RDS is a robust, modular warehouse execution and control software platform proven in hundreds of B2B and B2C distribution center operations.

RDS is built on a real-time 64-bit Linux operating system for orchestrating lean, fast, low labor warehouse practices coupled with the latest advancements in material handling technologies and control duties.

RDS provides higher operation efficiency due to its ability to execute control decisions and data look-up in sub-millisecond time.

RDS includes data-driven order release and real-time control of automated warehouse execution activities to balance and synchronize workflow across the entire warehouse operation.

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RDS WEC-WCS Family of Modules

RDS WES-WCS delivers true real-time warehouse execution and control in sub-milliseconds to a host of automated warehouse technologies, including:

Order Release Optimization

RDS order release module goes beyond traditional wave, batch, or continuous order release with integrated, optimized picking to boost productivity.

Cartonization Software

RDS pre-selects the carton and polybag shipment sizes for orders and directs the picking to the right-sized carton, eliminating touches in packing.

RDS Mobility Voice Picking

RDS voice picking, is a flexible and accurate way to enforce picking rules combining batch carts, AMRs, fork trucks, and pick to conveyor processes.

AMR Robotic Picking

RDS synchronizes the worker and autonomous mobile robots (AMR) work tasks to improve picking efficiency and reduce wasted walk time.

Pick to Light

RDS manages the light-directed picking process to eliminate bottlenecks and increase accuracy.

Put Wall Order Consolidation

RDS manages parallel zone-based picking with put to light or order fulfillment sorting for order consolidation and wave pick and pack processes.

ASRS & Mini Loads

RDS manages ASRS and goods to man automation to increase storage capacity, reduce labor and order processing times.

Labor Tracking and Reporting

RDS Pack and QC Workstations direct and track worker task real-time productivity to settable work standards.

Scan-Weigh-Dimensioning (SWD)

RDS controls inline dim weight verification with vision audit for quality control, preventing errors from leaving the DC.

Print-Fold-Insert (PFI)

RDS software controls can automatically scan the outside of a box, then inserts pack sheets into open cartons or totes.

Print and Apply Labeling

RDS automates the manifesting and auto-applies pack slips, pack sheets, shipping and other labels to cartons.

Conveyor Controls and Sortation

RDS control modules include conveyor systems and material handling technologies for warehouse automation.

Sorter Control & Management

RDS control modules manage shipping, returns, and order fulfillment sortation, including sweeper, tilt tray, cross-belt, Bombay, narrow belt, and shoe sorters.

Cloud Integration Ready

Can be deployed on cloud or virtual servers and integrated to existing and new ERP/WMS systems. Pre-developed secure interface connectors reduce implementation time and risk.

RDS includes these warehouse software automation modules plus many more advanced technologies with easy connectivity, web-based diagnostics, and host interfaces that will outperform existing WMS and ERP system capabilities and significantly reduce the host programming burden.

Comprehensive Implementation and Support Services

Numina Group has over 35 years of experience in warehouse layout design, warehouse software development, systems integration services, and implementation of automated warehouse systems. Our professional team of design and software engineers has worked in hundreds of distribution operations and brings years of onsite experience in warehouse management, software, and material handling solutions to every project.

We work collaboratively with you to optimize RDS WES-WCS before implementation, and we’re on hand throughout the go-live and afterward as a single point of contact for all calls related to your automated warehouse system.

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