Warehouse Labor
Management Software

Real-Time Capture of Labor Management Data to Track Worker Productivity and Forecast Labor Needs

Flexible Labor Management Tracking Software with Actionable Data to Monitor and Improve Warehouse Throughput

With labor costs accounting for up to 70% of the warehouse operating costs, tracking and monitoring worker productivity is critical. Armed with actual worker performance data, warehouse managers can:

Numina’s Real-time Distribution Software (RDS™) Labor Management Software Module (LMS) provides the comprehensive data needed through the automatic tracking and measurement of worker productivity across pick, pack, and ship order operations.

RDS LMS includes four critical components:

Web-based Dashboards Display Real-Time Labor Tracking Data

Web-based screens allow managers to set expected standards for workforce tasks performed across each work zone or area, such as picking, replenishment, and cycle counting while tracking performance.

Labor Performance Metrics

RDS™ LMS tracks labor across the entire order fulfillment process to track each worker’s tasks such as order picking with RDS™ Voice picking, carton building, packing and shipping, and trailer loading. While doing so, RDS™ measures labor and orders/hour performance over hourly time windows. Real-time and historical data is available in the RDS™ WES-WCS SQL operational database.

Measure and control productivity in multiple ways such as:

Forecasting & Proactive Planning

RDS LMS also makes it much easier to forecast how many full-time employees (FTEs) (full-time equivalent employees) will be needed to meet fulfillment needs. RDS LMS utilizes work-based standards to forecast labor resources required for typical throughput levels, and additional staffing needs to meet anticipated surges in order shipment volume.

During both low and high-demand periods, operational managers can use RDS LMS to project staffing needs by inputting the period’s projected order volume. Management can use this operational data to perform labor planning for peak seasons.

Employee Productivity Management and Coaching

Real-time and historical reporting tools provide team and individual performance results compared to the work task standards. RDS LMS is an excellent supervisor coaching tool to:

Reports include:

Customer Perspective: Top Real-time Distribution Software (RDS) Warehouse Execution Software Screens

The warehouse operation manager at Rainbow Resource Center highlights the top modules and screens that he uses in RDS warehouse execution software platform on a daily basis to mange the operation. RDS Warehouse Execution Software (WES) software platform bridges the enterprise resource planning (ERP) software and warehouse management system (WMS) software layer gap by optimizing order flow, supervision, and execution of material handling equipment and warehouse automation technologies.

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