X-Press PAL Print and Apply Labeling

Print & Apply systems managed by Numina RDS Warehouse Software

X-Press PAL™ Print and Apply Labeling

X-Press PAL Print and Apply (P/A) Labeling is a modular family of labeling and packing technologies that can be tailored to your exact needs for automating packing, shipping, and manifesting parcel shipments. 

X-Press PAL is ideal for companies with high-volume shipping and is a proven technology with hundreds of installations. 

X-Press PAL high-speed automated print-and-apply solutions are controlled by RDS™ WES-WCS, Numina’s tier-one real-time distribution software. 

RDS WES-WCS allows for easy integration to any ERP/WMS to seamlessly execute your specific warehouse labeling requirements.

Benefits of Numina’s print and apply labelers in the pack and ship operation include:

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X-Press PAL eliminates bottlenecks by automating weighing, dimensioning, handling of pack sheets, and labeling cartons:

Managed by RDS WES-WCS Software

RDS manages the control and validation of the entire packing and labeling process. The RDS control platform includes:

X-Press PAL™ provides a flexible, scalable solution to automate packing slips, compliance, carton contents, and shipping labels. Select from our family of automation modules:

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