X-Press PAL Print and Apply Labeling

Print & Apply systems managed by Numina RDS Warehouse Software

X-Press PAL™ Print and Apply Labeling

X-Press PAL Print and Apply (P/A) Labeling is a modular family of labeling and packing technologies that can be tailored to your exact needs for automating packing, shipping, and manifesting parcel shipments. 

X-Press PAL is ideal for companies with high-volume shipping and is a proven technology with hundreds of installations. 

X-Press PAL high-speed automated print-and-apply solutions are controlled by RDS™ WES-WCS, Numina’s tier-one real-time distribution software. 

RDS WES-WCS allows for easy integration to any ERP/WMS to seamlessly execute your specific warehouse labeling requirements.

Benefits of Numina’s print and apply labelers in the pack and ship operation include:

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X-Press PAL eliminates bottlenecks by automating weighing, dimensioning, handling of pack sheets, and labeling cartons:

Managed by RDS WES-WCS Software

RDS manages the control and validation of the entire packing and labeling process. The RDS control platform includes:

X-Press PAL™ provides a flexible, scalable solution to automate packing slips, compliance, carton contents, and shipping labels. Select from our family of automation modules:

Automated Pack and Ship Solutions to Increase Warehouse Productivity

Automating your pack and ship operations can yield huge time, labor and cost savings, but it can be challenging to choose the best combination of software and material handling equipment for your specific needs. The Numina Group is here to help.

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