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Keep up with the demands of seasonal fluctuations

Consumer Goods

The expectations for consumer goods have never been higher, as buyers demand to find what they want and have it ready in a matter of moments. Fortunately, Numina Group specializes in combining lean process, Real-time Distribution software, and superior automation technologies to deliver high throughput for consumer goods distribution centers. Our low touch processes provide order fulfillment solutions that keep up with the demands of seasonal fluctuations. An efficient pick, pack, ship process designed with the right technology promises higher accuracy and lower labor costs.

Numina’s warehouse execution and control software, RDS™ automates consumer goods supply chain functions, including:

  • Receiving
  • Work balancing
  • Voice picking
  • Pick to light
  • Conveyor sorting tasks
  • Packing
  • Documentation insertion
  • Documentation application

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We also offer bolt-on order fulfillment automation modules including: Voice enabled distribution for picking, replenishment, cycle count, and inspection, wave release, cartonization, work balancing, dynamic slotting, in-line weight, dimensioning, and vision audit, pack station and shipping automation, print and apply labeling for compliance, pack sheet, and shipping labels, order and labor management tracking and reporting. RDS™ modules are ideal for new and growing consumer goods applications. We provide custom scalable pick, pack, ship solutions tailored to any consumer goods requirements.

Plan Your Facility

An efficient warehouse layout is critical for the on-time delivery of products. The Numina Group provides expertise in facility design to determine the optimal arrangement of your existing warehouse. Our engineering and software development teams will work closely with you to improve and streamline your operations. 

Make the Right Choice

When it comes to consumer goods distribution automation, no one offers as much as The Numina Group. We have more than 30 years of experience developing and implementing automated systems. Combined with our extensive software prowess, we have the capability to provide a complete framework that works seamlessly with our controls.

What sets us apart from other providers is our consultative approach. We learn everything about your operation, down to the smallest detail. With our help, you can achieve significant improvements in the function of your supply chain.

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Automated Warehouse Solution for 3X Throughput

This customer success video to see how Schumacher Electric tripled order throughput and reduced labor costs with Numina Group’s real-time warehouse automation solution – all with an ROI achieved in under 12 months.

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