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Real time control and execution platform to manage advanced warehouse material handling equipment

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Warehouse Software for Real Time Warehouse Control and Execution

Numina Group offers robust, application rich warehouse software for warehouse automation that provides real time material handling control and functionality and it optimizes distribution pick, pack, and ship applications.  Our Real-Time Distribution System, RDS™, is a Tier 1 Warehouse Execution and Control System, WES-WCS, that includes a full family of pre-developed application control modules including the industry’s most sophisticated Order Release Module, that can perform sophisticated batch order or continuous wave-less order release logic. RDS™ bridges the gap between lean, streamlined picking, order fulfillment processes and technologies integrated to your ERP/WMS.

Numina Group’s warehouse control software is modular and scales for small to large distribution centers, future proofing your business as it grows. RDS™ easily integrates with your existing ERP and WMS, using a family of pre-developed connectors to SAP, Oracle., IBM, NetSuite, Manhattan HighJump, E+P and others.

RDS™ Warehouse Software Drives Advanced Technologies

Our Real-Time Distribution RDS™ warehouse software suite of products provides a powerful control and execution platform that manages and monitors advanced warehouse technologies and material handling equipment.   RDS™ is a true real time operating system for your warehouse distribution processes, executing data in sub-millisecond response time to immediately allocate and balance processes, while synchronizing the work of an entire warehouse’s automated systems.   Warehouse control and execution software by Numina provides a uniform platform for all the automated systems in your warehouse, including labor management and optimization of distribution processes.

RDS™ bolts on directly to your warehouse’s automated equipment and provides the ability to modify the performance of automated order fulfillment systems such as automated conveyors and solutions for picking, packing, sorting and shipping.   RDS™ provides all the automation modules that your order fulfillment operation needs including:

  • Pick Execution Systems:  Voice Picking Systems, Multi-Modal Pick to Light, and Put to Light increase accuracy to 99.99%!
  • Print and Apply Labeling:  X-Press PAL™ and One-Step™ Plus automate printing of shipping and compliance labels including a combination 8.5” x 11” packing sheet and shipping label that is automatically printed and applied at high speed to outbound cartons.
  • Print-Fold-Insert, PFI™:  Automatically print, fold, and insert packing sheets or documents into cartons or totes.
  • Scan-Weigh-Dimension (SWD):  In the shipping area the expected carton size and weight is verified using an in-line SWD system.
  • Data Tracking:  Barcode or RFID product tracking with real-time database archiving.
  • Order Release Optimization and Wave Management:  Balance work force and order releases across work zones to allocate labor in real time to shipping and delivery requirements.
  • Automated Conveyor Systems Control and Diagnostics:  RDS™ easily integrates with all varieties of sortation systems including Shoe, Tilt-Tray, Bombay, and Cross-Belt sorters.

RDS™ is a highly scalable Tier 1 Warehouse Control and Execution System, offering the latest technological advancements available in the warehouse automation software industry.

Benefits of RDS™ Warehouse Control System

Real-Time Distribution warehouse automation software by Numina is proven to increase productivity and profitability.   RDS™ delivers the performance your warehouse demands of a Tier One Warehouse Control System, by providing the proper tools required for high speed, accurate and reliable order fulfillment.  You can count on RDS™ to deliver unsurpassed performance and outstanding functionality in demanding, high-volume distribution centers.

Let Numina Group show you how to achieve perfect order fulfillment processes for increased profitability, with our highly configurable warehouse control system software.

Numina Group has more than thirty years of experience providing comprehensive warehouse automation solutions that incorporate all components needed to manage a lean and highly profitable operation.  Watch our videos on how we add value and profitability to your warehouse operation.  Contact us today to speak with a knowledgeable specialist and learn more about our advanced warehouse software.

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