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Real time control and execution platform to manage advanced warehouse material handling equipment

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Warehouse Software for Real Time Warehouse Control and Execution

Numina Group offers a robust, modular warehouse execution and control, (WES-WCS) warehouse automation software platform, proven in 100’s of B2B and B2C distribution automation applications.  Real-Time Distribution System, RDS™, is a Tier 1 WES-WCS that includes a full family of pre-developed application control modules. RDS™ streamlines and integrates the latest automated order fulfillment technologies with your ERP/WMS.

RDS ™ includes a sophisticated Order Release Module, that performs order prioritization, cartonization, and both paperless batch and continuous wave-less order release picking logic. It includes process optimization and real time control of conveyors, AGVs, AMRs, ASRS systems united with pick by voice and pick to light picking to manage the entire pick, pack, and ship order fulfillment operationRDS™ scales from small to large distribution centers, future proofing your business as it grows. It integrates with existing systems using a family of pre-developed connectors to SAP, Oracle, IBM, NetSuite, Manhattan, HighJump, E+P and dozens of legacy business systems. 

RDS™ Warehouse Software Drives Advanced Technologies

The RDS™ warehouse inventory software is built on a true real-time 64bit Linux operating system for orchestrating lean, fast, low labor warehouse practices coupled with the latest advancements in material handling technologies and control duties. RDS™ provides higher operation efficiency due to its ability to execute control decisions and data look-up in sub-millisecond time. This warehouse logistics software simultaneously manages multiple automated warehouse order activities to allocate, balance and synchronize work flow across the entire warehouse operation.  RDS is a single application with the right tools and flexibility to automate your warehouse, and includes Web based labor, order tracking and operation reporting tools to measure and manage the operation.

RDS™ is a highly scalable Tier 1 Warehouse Control and Execution System, offering the latest technological advancements available in the industry. Following is a brief overview of RDS™ family of automation modules:

  • Order Release Optimization and Wave Management:  Order release with work balancing across multiple zones to manage order priority and labor resources to maximize the operation’s efficiency.
  • Picking: Multi-Modal Voice Picking, Pick to Light, and Put to Light order consolidation with hands free barcode scan validation to increase accuracy to 99.99%!
  • Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMRs): RDS™ BatchBots automate the movement of optimized batch picking carts synchronized with order picking. The AMR batch carts handle 25 or more orders transported automatically throughout the pick, pack, and ship process.
  • Pack Automation with Print-Fold-Insert (PFI™)Automatically print, fold, and insert packing sheets or documents into pick completed cartons or totes.
  • Scan-Weigh-Dimension (SWD)In-motion 3-D camera based scan-weigh-dim weight measurement and shipment validation for cartons or poly-bags.
  • Print and Apply LabelingX-Press PAL™ and One-Step-Plus™ automate printing of shipping and compliance labels including a combination 8.5” x 11” packing sheets and shipping labels that are automatically printed and applied at high speed to outbound cartons.
  • Automated Conveyor and Sorting Systems:  RDS™ pre-developed controls for MDR and traditional conveyor systems and sorters including Shoe, Tilt-Tray, Bombay, and Cross-Belt order fulfillment sorting applications.
  • ASRS & Mini-load Systems: Integration of the world’s leading providers of high performance robotic automated picking, storage, and retrieval solutions. 

Benefits of RDS™ Warehouse Control System 

Numina Group’s 3PL warehouse software, combined with the right processes and technologies designed to align with the customer’s application requirements is proven to reduce labor, and increase both productivity and profitability. Our professional team of design and software engineers design high speed, accurate and reliable order fulfillment systems at a performance level that only a Tier 1 WES-WCS can deliver. Your business can count on the Numina Group Team and RDS™ for unsurpassed performance and outstanding functionality in any size or complexity for your next DC automation project.

Let Numina Group partner with you to implement higher efficiency – from receiving to shipping – across your warehouse operation to increase performance and profitability.

Numina Group has over thirty years of experience providing comprehensive warehouse design and implementation of automation, including the latest technologies to manage a low touch, reduced labor operation.  Watch our videos on how we add value and profitability to your warehouse operation.  Contact us today to speak with a specialist to learn more about the benefits of our advanced warehouse fulfillment software and automation technologies.

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