Product Datasheet Downloads

Product Datasheet Downloads

RDS™ Software Unifies Pick, Pack, and Ship Order Fulfillment

Check out this overview of The Numina Group’s best solutions

Picking Solutions with Zebra Technology

Numina Group’s RDS Software partners with Zebra Technology’s Hardware for a complete picking solution

RDS Voice™

RDS Voice™ Process Automation Module Lowers labor costs, increases productivity, accuracy, and profitability

RDS Batchbot™

Combines AMR Batch Pick Carts with Voice Picking, uniting people and robots to lower labor costs and double order fulfillment productivity

PFI Print-Fold-Insert

Automated Document Insertion removes touches and streamlines packing and shipping operations

One Step Plus™

Full Size Pack Sheet & Ship Label Auto Print and Apply

X-Press PAL™

In-Line Pack and Ship Automation – Scan, Weigh, Dimension with Print and Auto- Apply Packing Slips and Shipping Labels

Vision Audit

Achieve 100% Order Validation and Increase Profits with Vision Pack & Audit System

Pick and Put to Light System

Designed to simplify the integration of Pick and Put to Light to ERP/WMS Systems

Real Time Distribution System

Tier I Warehouse Control System, WCS Overview

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