Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMRs)

Double Order Fulfillment Productivity with RDS Batchbot™ AMRs

Accelerate Pick, Pack & Ship Operations With RDS Batchbot AMR Batch Pick Carts

The Numina Group is a leader in designing and implementing warehouse automation and software systems, including autonomous warehouse robots (AMRs) or warehouse robots.

Numina’s RDS™ Batchbot™ solution combines warehouse voice picking technology and AMR batch pick carts, uniting people and robots working as guided vehicles to reduce labor costs and double order fulfillment productivity.

What is an Autonomous Mobile Robot (AMR)?

An AMR is a small, self-powered cart or wheeled platform equipped with navigation aids and sensors. An on-board computer steers it through warehouse operations to the destination dictated by the warehouse execution system (WES). Cameras and/or LIDAR sensors scan the path ahead, continuously detecting and reacting to hazards, obstacles, and people as needed.

In an AMR warehouse, order picking is coordinated by the warehouse execution system (WES). The system releases the picking lists to warehouse workers who move from location to location, pick items, place them into an AMR cart or tote, and update the WES system as tasks are complete.

AMRs make excellent warehouse robots that increase efficiency by working with order pickers and move heavy products from pick locations to consolidation or packaging points.

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RDS Batchbot™ Features and Benefits

RDS Batchbot combines the RDS Voice Suite™ pick-by-voice module with automated batch picking carts into a unified, highly efficient order fulfillment automation solution. Numina Group’s Real-time Distribution Software (RDS™) simultaneously directs voice picking and Batchbot AMR movement.

  • Directs the movement of AMRs and simultaneously directs workers’ movement to the closest pick zones, eliminating walking and manual cart pushing to increase productivity.
  • Automated order start, pick-up, and drop-off at packing stations keep AMRs operating at 90% utilization rates in picking and packing operations and reducing the required number of AMRs.
  • Flexible, scalable solution simultaneously supports both manual pushcarts and AMR Batchbot.
  • Pick-by-voice commands combined with hands-free barcode scan validation provide single touch 99.9% picking accuracy driving a 2X gain in pick and pack productivity.

Scalable Redundant Order Picking included with RDS Batchbot AMRs

The RDS Voice Suite includes discrete order, manual batch cart picking, and pick-to-pallet processes. All picking processes can operate simultaneously in cooperation with AMR technologies.

Voice-directed picking technology, combined with AMR Batchbot Carts, has achieved picking rates of 250 or more lines per operator, double the typical performance of a voice-directed operator using a 10-12 batch order pushcart.

Numina Group designs solutions that scale to your business requirements. Our automated order fulfillment solution can start with pick-by-voice and pick-by-light using pick-to-conveyor, manual batch carts, fork truck, or tugger-based pick-to-pallet processes. The modularity of RDS™ solutions allows you to add AMRs and AGVs as your business grows.

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The RDS Batchbot solution represents one of the many warehouse automation solutions the Numina Group offers. As warehouse automation specialists with over 35 years of experience, we have helped hundreds of companies improve their operations and increase efficiencies. We provide comprehensive warehouse design, engineering, integration and implementation services to optimize your warehouse operations. We also offer a complete line of material handling equipment.

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