Autonomous Mobile Robot


Integrated into WES or ERP, autonomous mobile robots (AMR) can improve picking efficiency and safety

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The Numina Group is a leader in the design and implementation of warehouse automation and software systems, including autonomous warehouse robots. These machines work with order pickers, moving heavy product from pick location to consolidation or packaging points.

Following directions from the Real-time Distribution Software (RDS™), the picker moves from location to location, retrieving items and placing them into a tote or other container carried by the mobile robot. With AMRs, there is less nonproductive movement, and order pickers no longer need to push heavy carts through the warehouse.

An Introduction to Autonomous Mobile Robots

An AMR is a small, self-powered cart or wheeled platform that is equipped with navigation aids and sensors. An on-board computer steers it through a busy warehouse to the destination dictated by the Warehouse Execution System (WES). Cameras and/or LIDAR sensors scan the path ahead, continuously detecting and reacting to hazards, obstacles and people as needed.

In an AMR warehouse, order picking is coordinated by the WES. This releases the picking lists to warehouse workers who move from location to location, picking items, placing them into an AMR cart or tote, and notifying the WES accordingly.

Benefits of Warehouse AMRs

With autonomous mobile robots, warehouse operational efficiency improves dramatically. Integration into Numina Group’s RDS system raises picking productivity still further. Benefits reported by users include:

  • Order pickers do less walking, which increases pick rates. The AMR carries the tote or other container and can shuttle to and from consolidation/packaging as needed without being pushed by the picker.
  • Pickers experience less fatigue, as they no longer need to push heavy carts. Less fatigue can improve speed and accuracy.
  • Workers experience fewer injuries from lifting and twisting while carrying heavy totes, which translates to lower absenteeism.
  • Reduced employee turnover, plus lower recruitment and training expenses.

Superior Warehouse Automation Solutions

The Numina Group works with clients to develop and integrate tailored warehouse automation solutions. Our team ensures these systems are delivered on time and to budget, meeting and usually exceeding expectations.

Numina focuses on delivering superior software and technology that unifies pick, pack and ship operations. Our solutions are designed to be modular and scalable so as to grow with a company. Learn how The Numina Group could increase efficiency in your warehouse by scheduling an initial discussion today.