E-Commerce Automation

One of the most incredible and transformative events to take place in the business world over the last 25 years is the emergence of e-commerce. The convenience and speed of buying anything online has led to the creation of an entire distribution ecosystem to support it. 

Today’s businesses large and small depend on networks of warehouses and fulfillment centers to handle their e-fulfillment needs. Due to social distancing guidelines and the reluctance for some to shop in public places, e-commerce has only grown in popularity.

As the recognized leaders in warehousing, distribution and automation solutions, the Numina Group is poised to help companies in this sector keep up with the pace of this new world. 

Our comprehensive array of e-commerce fulfillment solutions can improve speed and enhance efficiency, the two most important qualities of any supply chain operation.

A Better E-Commerce Infrastructure

Our e-commerce warehouse automation technology enables fulfillment to become more accurate, more flexible and faster than ever before. 

Our print-and-apply labeling systems give companies the ability to process thousands of cartons per hour with consistent accuracy. This is accomplished through the utilization of advanced real-time software, scanning, and cutting-edge measurement and label application capabilities. Even under the constant stress of a 24/7 supply chain, these systems deliver reliable and worry-free performance.

People who shop online expect a certain level of response from the retailer or service provider. This means every element of the process must be optimized so it’s as fast and accurate as possible. 

Our pick-to-Light systems can make this happen for item picking. Their message displays and indicator lights show operators at a glance the required quantities to be picked. Because they are paperless and incorporate hands-free scanning, there’s a much lower risk of human error. This tech has the capacity to boost productivity even in high-density situations.

With our warehouse design services, we can help you optimize your entire facility into one best suited to meet the demands of the modern world. Our experts examine your space to find any areas that require improvement. 

We then create an optimized layout that incorporates the most advanced technology for e-commerce fulfillment automation to eliminate bottlenecks and other trouble spots. The end result is a warehouse or distribution center that features reduced touches, lowered labor costs and increased revenue.

All our technologies for e-fulfillment solutions fit into our powerful warehouse execution and control software platform, the Real-Time Distribution System (RDS™). This collection of predeveloped application control modules integrates seamlessly into your existing ERP or WMS.

Benefit From Our Expertise

When you turn to the leaders in material handling technologies to enhance your e-commerce operations, you gain the knowledge that comes from more than three decades in the warehouse automation industry. We are uniquely positioned to deliver the best ideas and tech to you. To learn more about everything we have to offer, reach out to us today.

Why Shipping Managers Love Numina’s RDS Pick, Pack and Ship Warehouse Automation

Not only does Numina Group’s warehouse automation solution increase order fulfillment productivity and reduce warehouse labor costs, it also increases employee satisfaction and performance levels.

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