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Our expertise in defining, designing and implementing your automated warehouse solutions is what sets us apart

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We’re a leading material handling and warehouse automation integrator. For more than three decades, we have delivered solutions tailored specifically to our clients’ requirements. The centerpiece of our offerings is our Real-Time Distribution Software (RDS™). 

This complete family of software automation modules controls and manages a wide range of technologies to streamline picking, packing, shipping and order fulfillment. It has the power to increase productivity and accuracy across thousands of manufacturing and distribution operations in new and existing facilities.

Automated Warehouse Solutions from Numina Group Maximize Profitability

The Numina Group has more than thirty years of experience providing comprehensive automated warehouse solutions that combine lean processes with cutting edge automation and real-time Warehouse Control and Execution (WCS-WES) software, providing higher profitability in distribution operations. Our Tier One Warehouse Control and Execution System is a high performance WCS-WES that utilizes pre-developed automation modules with a true real-time transaction processing engine. This robust WCS-WES simultaneously balances order fulfillment processes and throughput requirements to deliver substantial cost reductions with increased profit.

Numina Group provides all-encompassing warehouse design services for: 

  • Existing Facilities
  • Retrofits
  • Greenfield
  • 5 Year growth plan
  • Capacity and Expansion requirements  

We help companies maximize capacity, in some cases avoiding immediate expansion with value added use of existing space, thus saving money on capital purchases.

 Comprehensive warehouse automation technology solutions from Numina include: 

  • Design and Implement turn-key automated distribution centers
  • Warehouse Execution and Control Systems (WES-WCS) for Picking, Packing and Shipping
  • Multimodal Voice Picking Systems for hands free automation
  • Labor Management Tracking and Reporting Tools
  • Print and Apply Labeling of packing slips, shipping labels and compliance labels.
  • Bombay, Cross-belt & Tilt-tray Sorters for Order Fulfillment, Returns and Shipping
  • Scan-Weigh-Dimension in-motion vision pack and ship verification

We take your vision for a fully automated warehouse from concept to reality, in the most cost-efficient and profitable manner.  

Lean Analysis Drives Design of Automated Warehouse Solutions 

Numina partners with our clients to define, design and implement automation in warehouse management beginning with an in-depth Lean Analysis. Our consultative design approach sets us apart from traditional warehouse automation firms. We know how to roll up our sleeves, analyze data, recognize your biggest challenges, and streamline your process to gain higher profitability.  

We work closely with our customers to select the best technology to automate your warehouse’s Pick, Pack and Ship Processes. Numina provides clients with a consultative design approach that uncovers wasted touches and inefficiencies, and defines better processes with operational improvements. We identify specific technologies that will reduce labor costs, and improve storage and space utilization.   

Numina Group will also evaluate your order profiles, and identify current constraints to order fulfillment. Armed with the right data, we work closely with your team to explore options, make recommendations, and define the process improvements that yield the highest ROI with the best use of existing floor space.    

Our expertise in defining, designing and implementing your automated warehouse solutions is what sets us apart. When you partner with Numina Group, you can have confidence in our professional installation and ongoing 24/7 support.

Implementation of Warehouse Automation Solutions

Our powerful Real-Time Distribution Software, RDS™, empowers automated warehouses and sets us apart from conveyor houses pushing steel. RDS™ utilizes cutting edge technologies for accurate automated order fulfillment and streamlined material handling distribution systems.  

Our Voice Picking Systems provide accurate and hands-free automation, improving accuracy to 99.99%, and work great even in noisy warehouse environments. Voice Picking is a highly reliable automated order picking system that maximizes productivity, supporting high-volume, high-density requirements at rates over 500 picks per hour. 

We streamline the entire pack-ship operation with Print and Apply Labeling systems for automated printing and application of packing slips, shipping labels, compliance labels and PFI® for automated Print-Fold-Insert of Packing Sheets with high speed automatic packing sheet insertion into shipping cartons. Numina’s smart Scan Weigh Dimension (SWD) technology provides a final inspection with accurate weight and dimension capture for high speed, inline verification and ship manifesting. 

Our Warehouse Control and Execution System (WCS-WES) can integrate to any WMS and ERP system with seamless connectivity and the ultimate industry uptime. Our warehouse automation solutions increase profitability throughout distribution operations across a multitude of industries throughout North America. 

Numina Group designs the most cost-efficient warehouse automation systems and provides powerful software with advanced technologies for maximum throughput. Our automated warehouse systems are proven to reduce costs and increase profit. Contact us today to learn more about our proven automated warehouse solutions.   

Our Complete Range of Services

Numina’s comprehensive warehouse automation technology solutions include: