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Optimize Your Warehouse with Our Turnkey Warehouse Automation Solutions

While there are many ways to automate a warehouse environment, it can be challenging to determine the best combination of software and warehouse automation equipment for your operations.

The Numina Group can help you navigate the complexities of choosing the right technologies with our turnkey warehouse automation software and hardware services. 

Single-Source Warehouse Design, Software and Material Handling Automation Expertise

As a leading warehouse software developer and independent systems integrator, Numina Group brings more than three decades of warehouse design, software, and implementation experience to your project.

We offer consultative warehouse design services to identify the right lean processes for your operations. We help you turn your design into reality by combining the power of RDS™ WCS-WES, our real-time warehouse control and execution software with cutting-edge material handling technologies.

RDS includes advanced data-driven order release and real-time control of core warehouse automation control duties. The software platform manages automated warehouse execution and activities to balance and synchronize workflow across the entire warehouse operation to improve productivity, reduce labor costs and increase profit.

Numina’s comprehensive warehouse automation solutions include:

Expert Technology Review and Implementation Services

Our implementation teams have deep experience in installing, configuring and supporting a wide range of warehouse automation technology solutions including:

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