Case Sealer Machines

Automated Case Sealers to Enhance Order Fulfillment Productivity

If your warehouse operations still rely on manual carton or box erecting and sealing, inefficiencies are bound to find their way into the line. Even the most skilled employees will make mistakes from time to time. Using too much tape or being inconsistent can result in wasted resources, damaged products, and extended cycle times.

Numina Group offers a range of automatic case sealer machines that can be integrated seamlessly into your operations. As leading specialists and independent systems integrators in automated warehousing technology, we can help you find the perfect machines to deliver exceptional efficiencies throughout your facility.

What is a Case Sealer Machine?

A case sealer machine is an automatic box taping machine designed to seal boxes in the most uniform manner possible. It uses applies only the proper amount of tape per carton and takes a fraction of the time required for a manual application.

The Benefits of Case Sealers

Automated carton sealers reduce costs and improving overall product quality. Benefits include:

The Benefits of Case Sealers

In addition to case sealer machines, Numina offers a wide range of warehouse automation technologies. We can help you streamline packaging and shipping further by incorporating a print-fold-insert solution to automatically print and drop a full-size packing sheet into an open carton before the case sealer. 

You can also add a Numina scan-weigh-dimension solution to ensure total package integrity. To further increase efficiency, case sealers installed in combination with our high-performance print and apply labeling systems, create thousands of completed cartons per hour.

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