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Real-Time Scan-Weigh-Dimension Solutions to Ensure Order & Shipping Accuracy

Dimensioning Weigh Scan Solutions to Reduce Labor & Guarantee Order Accuracy

The Numina Group is the warehouse automation industry’s leading integrator of high-performance scan-weigh-dimension (SWD) systems designed to maximize efficiency, ensure order accuracy and reduce labor costs in fulfillment operations.

Numina’s flexible integrated dimensioning weighing and scanning solutions can be configured for a wide range of manufacturing and distribution operations and yield time- and cost-saving benefits such as:

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Accurate, Fast Digital Dimensional Weight Inspection

Eliminate the manual tasks and risk of errors in measuring, weighing, and calculating the dimensional weight of shipping cartons. Instead, Numina’s SWD system automatically measures the actual carton size and weight, calculates the dimensional weight, and transmits the data to the WMS and shipping systems for quality control, shipping cost calculations, and other tasks. This dimensional weight scanner technology serves as a quality and cost-control tool by:

SWD Solutions for Automated Full-Case Pick Validation

Companies that ship a high percentage of full-case SKUs will also benefit from SWD if the software that manages the dimensional weighing system includes a “learn mode” to online capture and learn full-case SKU cube and weight.

This eliminates the time-consuming and error-prone tasks of manually collecting dimensional weight data for full cases. The SWD software provides dimensional weight learning of full case dimensional weight and inspects cases prior to shipping, robotic pallet build, and/or manual or pallet build operation.

Once the SWD software learns the case SKU characteristics, it performs pick validation. It will catch miss-picks and irregularities such as an open box flap or a damaged carton, improving quality and diverting damaged cartons to QC for corrective actions.

This data can also be used to manage print-and-apply labeling of carrier or retail compliance shipping labels and improve other DC operations such as staging and storage space planning and cubing trailers for LTL or full truck shipments.

SWD Solutions for High-Efficiency Pick-to-Carton Fulfillment

Numina Group is one of a handful of dim weight technology integrators that offers both SWD cartonization software for pick-to-carton and the SWD carton cube/weight measurement that combine real-time control and conveyor sorting decisions. 

Used together, Numina Group’s cartonization and SWD technology integrated to warehouse management (WMS) and warehouse execution and control (WES-WCS) systems improve accuracy, reduce labor and shipping costs in existing or new DC operations.

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SWD Solutions to Optimize Warehouse Storage

Numina’s in-line dimensioning, weighing, and scanning systems can also be leveraged to optimize a warehouse operation’s storage and cube utilization, the sizing of future facilities. Numina offers complementary warehouse software and material handling equipment solutions to optimize your entire fulfillment operation.

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