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We provide end to end services and proven solutions to optimize your warehouse operations

Comprehensive Warehouse Design Services to Ensure Project Success

When you’re investing in automation to optimize your warehouse, the best path to success is to follow a well-conceived warehouse design plan backed up by expert engineering and integration services to ensure success.

We’re here to help.

Numina Group is an industry-leading warehouse automation systems integrator with a rock-solid track record, earned over three decades of consistently delivering systems that exceed performance specifications.

Our industry expertise provides clients with a knowledgeable, reputable partner to define, design, and implement warehouse automation for both existing and new distribution operations.

Numina’s Define, Design & Implementation Services

Numina follows a proven approach to ensure that your warehouse automation project is successful. Our team works closely with you to:

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Warehouse Engineering Study

The best way to ensure that your project achieves a measurable and rapid ROI is to benchmark your existing operations. We can work closely with you to conduct a warehouse engineering study that forms the basis of your warehouse automation solution.

Numina’s warehouse engineering study is a detailed assessment that gathers comprehensive information about your current warehouse operations, identifies opportunities for improvement, and provides a well-defined project plan to achieve your performance and business goals.

We use a data-driven design and process improvement approach to drive our technology selection process. We are an independent systems integrator, which allows us to evaluate all available technology options and choose the best option to optimize your operation and meet your goals.

Warehouse Design Planning

The engineering study serves as the foundation for creating the optimal warehouse design for your business goals.

Numina’s expert design planning services support your in-house team in creating a plan based on the latest modern warehouse design principles and technologies and build a road map to streamline an existing facility layout or develop a new distribution operation.

A Full-Service Warehouse Systems Integrator

With the Numina Group as your independent systems integrator, you benefit from working with a partner that can evaluate and choose the best-of-breed technologies to achieve the optimal solution for your operation. We have partnership relationships with leading automated conveyor systems, automated storage and retrieval (ASRS), Goods to Person, G2P systems, Numina voice picking systems, pick-to-light, and autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) suppliers.

In addition, we have our in-house software and development team and are able to integrate to any ERP or WMS. RDS™, our top-tier WES-WCS, is an industry leader.

Warehouse Execution and Control Software

RDS™ WES-WCS, Numina’s high performance warehouse execution and control software platform, simultaneously executes, controls, and synchronizes order picking and movement activities using a family of material handling automation modules to improve order workflow efficiencies across the entire warehouse operation.

Numina Group has designed and implemented over 1,000 warehouse automation projects in diverse warehouse environments across North America. We offer one of the industry’s most experienced engineering teams with deep experience in testing, evaluating, installing diverse software and material handling technologies.

Our Guaranteed Commitment to Success

A key advantage of partnering with the Numina Group is our knowledge and demonstrated success in delivering high-performance real-time controls, software, and integration of plant floor automation to WMS/ERP systems.

Our warehouse management system designs include a written performance and acceptance test specification document that guarantees the system will meet or exceed the performance requirements.

100% Committed to Customer Success

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