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Warehouse Design Services


Proven ideas and concepts on how to streamline an existing operation or develop a new distribution and order fulfillment operation

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The Numina Group provides warehouse design solutions to improve product storage, picking, packing and shipping processes. We present proven ideas and concepts about how to streamline an existing operation or develop a new distribution and order fulfillment operation. Our experienced engineering and software development staff work in a collaborative, team approach with clients to analyze SKU velocity movements and slotting to develop the blueprint for automating the order fulfillment process. The result is a warehouse layout strategy that reduces touches, lowers labor costs and improves operation revenues.

What Is Warehouse Design?

Having the ideal warehouse design services ensures that orders are fulfilled in the most efficient manner possible. Knowing where to place every element of your space reduces the distance workers have to travel and prevents mistakes. Our expertise ensures we can design a warehouse management system that delivers the best overall results. Here are some examples of what we can do for you:

  • Design Studies – Our warehouse setup consultants take a close look at your existing facilities and begin with a thorough assessment of the available space.
  • Develop and Analyze Process Improvements – We look for any and every opportunity to make your warehouse layout plan more efficient and effective, leaving no stone unturned.
  • Facility Size Requirements – Our warehouse building design expertise enables us to determine how much space is needed and to maximize the use of what’s available.
  • Product Slotting and Profiling – We will help you arrange SKUs in the optimal placement to reduce picking errors and product damage and improve speed replenishment.
  • Technology and Investment ROI Payback Analysis – With our in-depth warehouse facility design knowledge, we will examine data and make certain that every dollar you invest in this process will be money well spent.

Upon completion of the engineering and design services, we match the technology and software to the requirements. A key advantage of partnering with us is our knowledge and demonstrated success in delivering high-performance real-time controls, software and integration of plant floor automation to WMS/ERP systems. Software is the most critical element of success or failure of a warehouse automation design project. All of our warehouse management system designs are accompanied with a written performance and acceptance test specification document that guarantees the system will meet or exceed the performance requirements.

Solutions For Multiple Industries

Customers across multiple segments have benefitted from our warehouse setup project plans. Practically any industry that utilizes warehousing and distribution can gain numerous advantages based on our help. For example, we have leveraged our material handling technologies and know-how to improve processes for companies in the health care supply, consumer goods, food and beverage, third-party logistics fields, and many more.

Define, Design, and Deploy Distribution Automation

warehouse design services

  • Warehouse control and execution systems, WCS
  • Integration services to all leading WMS Systems, SAP, IBM I-Series, Z Series,  Oracle and SQL Server
  • Voice-directed and pick to light picking automation
  • Pick modules with intelligent order zone routing
  • Control and Automation System Upgrades to “Breathe new life” into existing operations
  • Mechanical, electrical and control system design and implementation
  • Order Validation – Weighing, Barcode and Camera based Scanning, and carton dimensioning
  • Vision Capture, Inspection and Audit Systems
  • Automated In-line Packing Technology
  • Print and Apply Labeling
  • Conveyor Sorting Equipment from leading Material handling Suppliers and Partners

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