Warehouse Engineering Study

Numina’s Proven Methodology for Success Warehouse Automation Projects

Begin Your Roadmap to Success with a Warehouse Engineering Study

A warehouse engineering study is one of the most critical steps every company should take before selecting a new warehouse automation solution.

What is a Warehouse Engineering Study?

Numina’s warehouse engineering study is a detailed assessment that benchmarks your current warehouse operations, identifies opportunities for improvement, and provides a well-defined project plan to achieve your performance and business goals.

We use a proven, data-driven design and process improvement approach and technology selection process to recommend the right blend of the latest technologies for your operation.

Operation Improvement Analysis

We begin the engineering study by performing a site assessment and a SKU movement data velocity and order throughput analysis to consider your company’s five-year projected growth. 

The data we collect drives the design to identify process improvements and identify and eliminate wasted touches and movements in the current warehouse and order fulfillment operation.

Our team analyzes order profiles, including peak, daily and seasonal order averages in picking and shipping. We consider order priority rules, identify value add or other special documentation of other fulfillment operation requirements.

Armed with the right data and the on-site assessment of the operation, we work in partnership with your team to outline and define the process improvements, create a warehouse layout drawing, and determine the most effective warehouse design for your operations.

Once our teams are aligned on the improved warehouse flow of goods, we review and consider warehouse automation technology options to improve material storage and accelerate process improvement performance while generating the highest ROI yield.

We compare material handling equipment technologies, present how each viable option performs, and assess which technologies provide the highest labor savings, improve space utilization, and work best for your warehouse operation.

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Convert Your Engineering Study into a Warehouse Design Plan

The results uncovered in the engineering study serve as the basis for your optimal warehouse layout design to ensure that orders are fulfilled in the most efficient manner possible. The Numina Group offers expert design planning services to support your in-house team in creating a plan that draws on the latest modern warehouse design principles and technologies. We present proven ideas and concepts about how to streamline an existing operation or develop a new distribution and order fulfillment operation.

Warehouse Define, Design & Implementation Services

Numina follows a proven five-step approach to ensure that your warehouse automation project is successful. Our team works closely with you to:

Implementation and Support Services

Numina also provides complete implementation services, including configuration, installation, testing and go-live, and ongoing support.

After implementation, our Support Services team is available for you with ongoing critical software and system support 24 hours, seven days a week.

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