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Warehouse automation projects are complex. Companies have more warehouse technology choices than ever, ranging from autonomous mobile robots (AMRs), goods-to-person (G2P), storage and order picking systems, robot storage, and more. Many of these technologies are cost-effective and viable options for mid-size E-commerce and B2B warehouse operations.

The Numina Group has designed and implemented over 1,000 warehouse automation projects in diverse warehouse environments across North America. We offer one of the industry’s most advanced engineering teams with deep experience in testing, evaluating, installing various software and material handling technologies. Let us put our extensive industry-focused knowledge to work for you.

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Warehouse Systems Integration Services to Ensure Your Investment Success

One of the most critical decisions a business should make before investing in an automated warehouse system is choosing the right warehouse systems integration partner with an experienced design team to ensure your project success.

Why Choose the Numina Group?

Systems integrators vary significantly in their expertise and in-house design services, software, and controls capabilities. Many so-called system integrators outsource much of the critical services.

The Numina Group is singularly focused on warehouse automation and optimization solutions. We partner with companies to optimize warehouse processes to gain space efficiency and reduce labor costs across picking, packing, and shipping in order fulfillment operations.

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Our warehouse automation solutions increase productivity, increase accuracy, and warehouse order shipment capacity. Our projects are guided by a key principle to “Define, Design, and Implement” a solution consisting of the right process improvements and warehouse automation technologies we would buy if we were the principles in the business!”

It is the foundation of how we operate – by being transparent and independent from hardware vendors and designing a solution that enables our clients to receive a positive cash flow “Year 1” from their warehouse automation investment.

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Define, Design & Implementation Services

We strive to reduce project complexity and risk by performing a detailed engineering assessment and making unbiased recommendations to match your business goals. We also have warehouse design, engineering services, in-house controls and software, and implementation services to ensure project success.

Warehouse Technology Management and Control

Typically, a warehouse automation solution comprises several material handling equipment technologies that work together as an integrated warehouse automation solution. The integrated solution becomes a continuous order flow order fulfillment machine.

The warehouse control system manages and controls material handling equipment that requires real-time control responses and intelligent supervisory decisions. It provides optimized order release and maximizes throughput managed by the warehouse execution and control software, WES-WCS. The WES-WCS is a critical component to the success of the project. It is the “Warehouse Brain” connecting and orchestrating the plant floor automation with the ERP or warehouse management system (WMS) system.

As an independent system integrator and a leading supplier of WES-WCS software, we implement solutions built with best of breed technologies and have partnership relationships with leading automated conveyor systems, automated storage and retrieval (ASRS), Goods to Person, G2P systems, Numina voice picking systems, pick-to-light and autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) suppliers.

Warehouse Execution and Control Software

Numina Group recently released version 35 of RDS™ Real-time Distribution Software WES-WCS, a robust, modular, flexible, and scalable warehouse software platform that unifies and synchronizes pick, pack, and ship automation. RDS is a high-performance platform that includes a rapid development toll-set allowing the software to be tailored to your specific business requirements.

Implementation and Support Services

Numina Group provides complete implementation services, including configuration, installation, testing and go-live, and ongoing support. You can rely on us to ensure your project’s success from design to go-live, with guaranteed performance managed and controlled by RDS WES-WCS.

After implementation, our team is available for you with ongoing critical software and system support 24 hours, seven days a week.

Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed

Numina Group is one of the leading warehouse automation companies with complete in-house expertise and technologies to guarantee the performance of our warehouse automation solutions.

We use a proven, data-driven design and process improvement approach and technology selection process, and implementation services to deliver an ROI in as little as 12 to 20 months!

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