Warehouse Execution System by Numina Group for High Performance Automation

RDS Warehouse Execution System

WES software with unparalleled flexibility and scalability to optimize your warehouse order fulfillment operations

Warehouse Execution System - Optimize, Synchronize, and Manage High-Performance Warehouse Automation

Numina Group’s industry-leading RDS™ Warehouse Execution System (WES) is a flexible, scalable warehouse fulfillment orchestration solution that unites the latest warehouse automation technologies with existing or new warehouse management (WMS) and ERP systems.

The RDS WES software platform automates and synchronizes your order fulfillment workflow across the entire operation, uniting processes, people, and material handling technologies into a single solution that increases productivity and order throughput and provides up-to-the-minute visibility. 

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RDS WES is a powerful, scalable, and modular warehouse automation software platform that scales from small and mid-size warehouse automation applications to large, sophisticated 100,000 order a day high-capacity operations. The system easily handles a million or more transactions per shift deployed on virtual servers, Google and Amazon Cloud computing environments.

What Is WES?

A WES software platform serves as the foundation for an efficient, automated warehouse order orchestration workflow in your distribution center operations. It bridges the enterprise resource planning (ERP) software and warehouse management system (WMS) software layer gap by optimizing order flow, supervision, and execution of material handling equipment and warehouse automation technologies. 

It complements your business software by acting as the command center to manage order movement and execute order picking supervision. A WES system controls AGVs, AMRs, and ASRS tote shuttle in goods-to-person automated storage and picking applications while guiding operators for more efficient pick, pack, and ship work tasks.

WES software manages the latest generation of automated picking and storage systems. It unites these systems with other material handling technologies such as pick-by-voice, pick-to-light, print-and-apply labeling, conveyors, mobile robots and sorting systems

Our warehouse design engineering and software team’s 35+ years of expertise in warehouse automation technology and application know-how offers you an independent partner to access, recommend and integrate the right processes and technologies needed to create a more efficient, lower labor cost distribution center operation with an outstanding ROI.

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Benefits of Numina Group's Warehouse Execution System

  • Reduce labor costs from 30% to 70%
  • Increase profitability by 30% to 70%
  • Achieve order fulfillment accuracy rates of 99.9%
  • Gain a quick return on investment (ROI)

RDS WES-WCS Family of Modules

RDS WES-WCS delivers true real-time warehouse execution and control in sub-milliseconds to a host of automated warehouse technologies, including:

Order Release Optimization

RDS directs integrated order release to increase picking productivity above traditional methods.

Cartonization Software

RDS pre-selects the carton and polybag shipment sizes and directs picking to the right-sized carton, eliminating touches.

Victory Voice

Multi-modal voice picking enforces order picking rules combining batch carts, AMRs, fork trucks, and pick to conveyor processes.

AMR Robotic Picking

RDS synchronizes workers and autonomous mobile robots (AMR) picking tasks to increase picking efficiency by 30-50%.

Pick to Light

Light-directed assembly, kitting, and picking achieves 350 lines or higher hourly pick rates per operator.

Put Wall Order Consolidation

RDS directs order consolidation synchronized with picking activities using put to light sorting systems.

ASRS - Mini Load Shuttle

RDS manages the latest ASRS and G2P technologies to increase facility storage capacity & reduce labor.

Pack Automation

RDS manages and streamlines packing operations by integrating inline packing, documentation insertion and order sealing.

Labor Tracking and Reporting

RDS includes workers’ real-time and historical activity performance reporting in warehouse tasks to user-settable work standards.

Scan-Weigh-Dimensioning (SWD)​

RDS controls inline dim weight verification for QC saving on shipping & preventing errors from leaving the DC.

Print and Apply Labeling

RDS automates the manifesting and application of pack slips, pack sheets, and shipping labels.

Conveyor & Sorter Control

RDS manages returns and shipping sortation, including sweeper, tilt tray, cross-belt, Bombay, narrow belt, and shoe sorters.

GTP Automation

The latest generation of robotic G2P are cost-effective and scalable solutions, especially if the order profile consists of a large percentage of split case order volume.


Numina’s RDS™ Batchbot™ solution combines warehouse voice picking technology and AMR batch pick carts, uniting people and robots working as guided vehicles to reduce labor costs and double order fulfillment productivity.

RDS is Cloud-Ready. It can be deployed on redundant dedicated or virtual servers or on leading cloud environments. Its family of pre-developed restful secure interface connectors and other APIs securely connects to the warehouse floor automation and virtually any existing or new ERP/WMS System.

The RDS advanced software platform includes easy to use, web-based diagnostics and user web screens. RDS API interfaces to WMS and ERP system significantly reduce the client’s software development expenses.

Collaborative Design

We work collaboratively with our customers to understand the business requirements and design streamlined processes to eliminate wasted touches and movement and maximize their facility’s throughput capabilities. 

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Our goal is to deliver high operation profitability using RDS, our top-tier warehouse execution system to orchestrate and manage automated warehouse real-time decision requirements.

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