RDS Cartonization Solution

Automatic Optimal Carton Selection for Accurate, Lowest Cost Shipping

Increase Efficiency, Reduce Shipping Costs with RDS Cartonization

Relying on employees to manually choose shipping cartons during order packing is time-consuming, costly, error-prone, and often results in unexpected shipping charges.

With Numina’s RDS Cartonization software module, you can accelerate fulfillment, eliminate errors, and reduce unplanned post-shipment charges from the carrier.

RDS Cartonization automatically selects the most efficient carton size to reduce unused carton space, reduce void fill costs and ensure the order is packed to take advantage of the lowest possible shipping rates.

Increase Picking Productivity 35% to 50% with RDS Cartonization

When RDS Cartonization is used to select and direct a pick-to-carton process combined with Numina’s Voice Picking and Pick to Light solutions, an operation generally increases picking productivity by 35% to 50%. Packing efficiency can increase by 100% because packers no longer need to perform carton selection or perform secondary inspections.

Bin Modeling to Achieve Highest Possible Fill Ratios

The RDS Cartonization module uses a bin packing algorithm to ensure that order items can truly fit into the selected carton size. Unlike other software that uses fluid models, the bin algorithm can more closely achieve 100% fill ratios when presented with SKUs and matching carton sizes. 

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“We will save over $300,000 in shipping costs through new model-based binning cartonization.”

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Configurable Parameters for Your Specific Warehouse Operations

The RDS Cartonization module can be configured to perform cartonization over any set of available containers, according to each specific container’s weight and item count limit. The algorithm will optimize the total number and size of cartons to minimize shipping costs.

These features represent significant enhancements over traditional cartonization software by enabling workers to pack orders much more efficiently and ensure they are shipped for the lowest possible cost.

Flexible Deployment for Highest Savings

Companies gain the highest ROI by deploying RDS Cartonization at multiple points in picking, packing, and shipping operations:

Pre-Order Release: Auto-Select the Ideal Carton Size

Before order release, the RDS Cartonization algorithm analyzes each order’s SKU cube and weight to determine the most efficient shipping carton size or group of cartons before picking begins. The software eliminates the need for employees to select cartons and prevents improper carton selection.

RDS Cartonization also increases efficiency by eliminating steps in the picking process. Order pickers can pick items directly into the shipping carton rather than a tote, eliminating redundant touches and reducing the number of orders that need to be re-packed into the shipping carton.

Gain additional efficiency by adding the RDS Voice Picking module to the pick-to-carton process. The RDS Voice Picking System allows fast, hands-free barcode scanning of the carton selection, SKU, item count, and packing process.

Shipment Quality Control

In the shipping area, RDS Cartonization acts as a dim-weight shipping calculator. The expected carton size and weight is verified using an in-line scan-weigh-dimension (SWD) system.

The combination of the RDS Cartonization and RDS SWD modules provides fast, accurate real-time checking of the outbound carton/case shipments, essentially re-checking and catching any discrepancy such as an open flap.

Shipment issues such as variations in the final shipping weight or open flaps on cartons can be auto-detected, and the shipment can be diverted to a quality control station for resolution.

End-to-End Cartonization Solution

The Numina Group is one of a few warehouse automation companies to offer a flexible combination of cartonization software integrated to scan-weigh-dimensioning for real-time decisions and quality control.

When used together and integrated into your warehouse management system, RDS Cartonization improves accuracy, reduces labor, and reduces shipping costs in existing or new DC operations.

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