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Numina Group is a top tier designer and integrator of warehouse automation. We integrate cutting edge warehouse automation technologies with RDS™, our top tier Warehouse Control and Execution System(WCS-WES). The Numina Group partners with clients to define, design, and implement material handling and order fulfillment automation focused on the right processes and technologies to optimize distribution operations.


Numina Group provides clients with a consultative design approach that uncovers and defines better processes, operational improvements, and identifies technologies that reduce labor costs, and improve storage and space utilization.

Our work will result in elimination of wasted touches, streamlining of current processes, delivering more value to customers, and improving profitability. Our typical projects result in:

  • Increase in accuracy of order fulfillment to 99.99%
  • Reduction in labor costs ranging from 30-70%
  • Increase in profitability by 30%

Our Warehouse Execution and Control System, WES-WCS, Real-Time Distribution System (RDS™) manages automated voice directed picking and other distribution processes seamlessly integrated to your ERP/WMS System. RDS™ provides versatile, reliable, order fulfillment automation. RDS™ includes a full family of automation software modules including order release wave management, cartonization, voice or pick to light picking, order routing and tracking, conveyor control, weight & vision audit, print and apply labeling, and automated sortation.

Guaranteed performance, real-time control, redundancy, connectivity with easy to use Web based diagnostics for productivity viewing and reporting that uniquely positions RDS™ as the automation platform of choice for implementing distribution and warehouse automation.

Define, Design and Implementation expertise sets us apart from traditional warehouse automation firms. Numina Group’s services include the expertise to implement the defined system with in-house software engineering, electrical and mechanical engineering, project management, supplying the equipment required, installation, and 24/7 ongoing support.

Numina Group provides warehouse automation solutions and Omni-channel order fulfillment technology across North America to various industries including: Consumer Goods, E-Commerce, Healthcare, Electronics, Third-Party Logistics (3PL), Food and Beverage, Sporting Goods, Pharmaceuticals and many more. Check out these case studies for more information on how we will transform your current order fulfillment processes into highly profitable automated warehouse solutions.

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