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About the Numina Group

The Numina Group is a top-tier designer and integrator of warehouse automation solutions. 

Founded in 1986 by Dan Hanrahan and Mark Woodworth, the company offers decades of experience in warehouse design, warehouse software, material handling equipment, systems integration, and implementation services for mid- to large-sized enterprises.

Our team has designed and successfully implemented over 1,000 warehouse automation projects in diverse warehouse environments throughout North America. 

Numina is differentiated from other warehouse automation companies by our comprehensive solutions and services:

  • Warehouse design services for new and existing facilities
  • RDS™ WES-WCS warehouse automation software
  • Comprehensive in-house software, industrial and systems engineering staff
  • Extensive integrations for all ERP and WMS systems
  • Independent warehouse system integration expertise

Numina Group provides clients with a consultative design approach that uncovers and defines better processes, operational improvements, and identifies technologies that reduce labor costs, and improve storage and space utilization.

Our work will result in elimination of wasted touches, streamlining of current processes, delivering more value to customers, and improving profitability. Our typical projects result in:

Increase in accuracy of order
fulfillment to 99.9%

Reduction in labor costs
ranging from 30-70%

Increase in profitability
by 30%

Our 100% Commitment to Customer Success

We partner closely with our clients, applying a consultative approach, to define, design, and implement warehouse automation solutions built around the right processes and warehouse technologies to increase efficiency and productivity in distribution center operations.

The Numina Group has established one of the industry’s most experienced engineering teams of industrial, mechanical, electrical controls, software, and project management staff to support our clients. Our team includes several Ph.D.’s in our R&D and software design, modeling simulation departments.

Warehouse Design Services

Our “Define, Design, and Implementation” expertise sets the Numina Group apart from traditional warehouse automation companies. We offer end-to-end services to ensure project success, including the expertise to implement the defined system with in-house software engineering, electrical and mechanical engineering, project management, supplying the equipment required, installation, and 24/7 ongoing support.

Our work results in a warehouse automation design that eliminates wasted touches, streamlines and accelerates workflows, reduces labor costs and improves storage and space utilization, delivering more value to customers and greater profitability. 

Our projects typically increase fulfillment accuracy to 99.9%, reduce labor costs by 30% to 70% and, increase profitability by 30%.

Learn More About Our Warehouse Design Services

Warehouse Automation Software

Our RDS WES-WCS is a real-time warehouse execution and control software platform that manages automated voice-directed picking and other distribution processes, seamlessly integrated into your ERP/WMS system. RDS provides versatile, reliable order fulfillment automation.

RDS offers a complete family of automation software modules, including order release wave management, cartonization, voice picking or pick-to-light picking, order routing, tracking, conveyor system control, weight & vision audit, print-and-apply labeling, and high-speed sortation.

RDS offers guaranteed performance, real-time control, redundancy, connectivity with easy-to-use Web-based diagnostics for productivity viewing and reporting capabilities that uniquely positions it as the automation platform of choice for implementing distribution and warehouse automation.

Learn More about RDS WES-WCS Software 

Extensive Systems Integration Expertise

Companies looking to build a new warehouse or to optimize their distribution or fulfillment operations, have a very broad range of choices. As a long-term independent systems integrator, we bring extensive knowledge of all the material handling equipment options ranging from warehouse software solutions, storage and order picking systems, goods-to-person (G2P), autonomous mobile robots (AMRs), robotic storage, and more.

We are brand agnostic, allowing us to choose the best equipment for each unique operation. Additionally, because we have inhouse software capabilities we are able to integrate to any existing ERP or WMS. 

We strive to reduce the complexity and lower the risk of warehouse automation projects by performing an engineering assessment and making unbiased recommendations. As your single resource partner, we have the design, engineering services, in-house controls and software, and implementation services to ensure project success.

Learn More About Numina’s Systems Integration Services

Numina Group provides warehouse automation solutions and omnichannel order fulfillment technology to various industries, including consumer goods, e-commerce, healthcare, electronics, third-party logistics (3PL), food and beverage, sporting goods, pharmaceuticals, and more.

Our Customer Videos and Success Stories provide for more information on how we have  transformed  order fulfillment processes into highly profitable automated warehouse operations.

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