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Process thousands of cartons per hour with consistent accuracy

Print & Apply Systems Developed by Numina Group Warehouse Automation Company

The Numina Group is the warehouse automation industry’s leading integrator of high-performance print-and-apply labeling systems that maximize productivity and profitability.

Our solutions use the industry’s fastest, all electric, automated label applicators to print and apply the widest array of label sizes and types, saving time and money across manufacturing and distribution applications. Our systems can support multiple print-and-apply label applicators for even more throughput. 

Print-and-apply labeling is essentially a labeling tunnel that processes thousands of cartons per hour with consistent accuracy, applying one or more labels to multiple surfaces of the carton. 

Numina’s labeling systems provide rapid ROI, typically in less than one year, by drastically reducing labor costs and chargebacks.

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Print-and-Apply Labeling Systems – Advanced Technologies for Warehouse Automation

Numina Group’s automated print-and-apply labeling systems combine cutting-edge real-time software and scanning, measurement and label applicator technology to provide automated labeling machines for reliable 24/7 operations. 

The systems are managed by RDS™ WES-WCS, our real-time warehouse execution and control software, that drives the highest achievable performance in demanding auto labeling and material handling control applications.

Our One-Step™ and One-Step Plus™ labeling systems print and apply either a combination packing slip and shipping label, or a combination full size 8.5” x 11” single or duplex printed packing sheet and shipping label. 

These two products automatically in-line scan, weigh, verify, dimension and auto apply all required documentation including shipping labels for parcel shipping, manifesting retailer and e-tailer order fulfillment applications. 

Think X-Press PAL™ for all of your automated labeling requirements. The systems are scalable and flexible to auto apply any combination of 4” x 6” to  8.5” x 11” sized documents, compliance, shipping and return labels. 

Our automated labeling systems operate at high speed and accuracy, processing both re-packed cartons and full-case shipments with correct auto labeling requirements 

Integration Ready

Numina’s RDS labeling software module can be integrated with virtually any WMS, shipping manifest system, or transportation management system. 

It is also easily integrated with in-motion barcode scanners, optical character recognition (OCR), in-motion scales, dimensioners, camera vision technologies and label applicators to generate, apply and verify that the right labels and documents are properly applied. 

Benefits of Print and Apply Systems

Benefits of print-and-apply labeling systems include:

Eliminate Manual Labeling 

Eliminate bottlenecks throughout your distribution center by eliminating manual labeling processes and automating documentation requirements. RDS drastically reduces manual labor requirements and increases throughput and warehouse productivity. 

Rock solid and built on 30 years of application know-how, our family of print-and-apply labeling systems automates receiving labels, pack slips, pack sheets, shipping labels, hazardous material warning labels and retailer compliance labeling. 

Our automated print-and-apply labeling systems are proven to increase distribution efficiency in both existing and new order fulfillment operations. The labeling systems combine with other in-line measurement technologies and pack automation such as our automatic weight audit, pack sheet Print-Fold-Insert PFI™, auto or operator-assisted void dunnage, carton taper/sealers and auto carton lidding to automate the entire pack and ship operation for higher productivity.

Numina Group is a leading warehouse automation company with proven software and technologies that reduce labor and material costs, while improving productivity and profitability.

Watch our videos on how we increase profitability in warehouse operations, and contact us today to speak with an automation specialist.

Pack Slip Print & Apply

Pack Slip Print & Apply Get one-step ahead of the competition Contact

Automatic Pack Sheet Applicator

One Step Plus The latest advancement in print and apply labeling technology

X-Press PAL™ Print and Apply Labeling

X-Press PAL™ Print and Apply Labeling Print & Apply systems are managed

Automated Print and Apply of Packing Sheets and Shipping Labels

One-Step Plus includes inline scan, weigh and print and apply labeling to apply UPS, Fed Ex, and USPS, and compliance shipping labels, in combination with the automated application or insertion of the 8.5″ x 11″ packing sheet at rates of 10-12 cartons per minute. One-Step Plus can handle a wide variety of products flats and cartons ranging from .25″ and 30′ high.

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