Pack Slip Print & Apply

A high speed laser printer prints the packing sheet.  The printer has a number of capabilities including: single sided or duplex printing with graphics, customer logos, and terms and conditions in less than three seconds per side. This is the industry’s fastest, on demand, high resolution print technology and means to auto apply the pack sheet!

Proven Performance with Rapid Payback
  • Automate Packing, Shipping, and Manifesting
  • Auto Insert or Fold and Tuck 8.5” x 11” Packing Sheet under top applied Shipping Label
  • Cuts 35 to 50 seconds from Every Order Shipment
  • Reduces Labor Costs and Material Usage, while Increasing Throughput
  • Reduce Errors, Eliminate Lost Packing Sheets, and Customer Complaints
Each process step is fully validated to assure accuracy, eliminate manual labor and errors performing the equivalent work of 6-8 operators in a 3,500 to 6,000 plus shift operation.  The shipping label is printed and held on the applicator tamp. The packing sheet is printed, folded and applied to the bottom of the shipping label. The shipping label is then applied to the top of the carton with the packing sheet securely placed under the removable label.
  print and apply label systems
Get One-Step Plus™ and accelerate the performance of your order fulfillment operation. Reduce labor, increase shipment throughput, and get a competitive edge.