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Ship Faster at a Lower Cost with the One-Step Pack Slip Print and Apply Labeler

Your distribution center will move one step ahead of the competition with Numina Group’s One-Step™ Fulfillment System, a high-performance print-and-applying labeling system for more efficient and productive warehouse distribution.

The One-Step print and apply solution is a next-generation warehouse labeling system that integrates the best hardware, software, and print-and-apply labeling technology to fully automate and accelerate the application of packing slips and shipping labels.

Distribution centers equipped with Numina’s One-Step solution realize numerous benefits.

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Auto-Apply Combination 4 X 6" Pack Slip and Ship Label

Ship Faster at a Lower Cost with the One-Step Pack Slip Print and Apply Labeler

The One-Step solution is comprised of Numina’s RDS Real-Time Warehouse Execution and Control Software and Trak3™ Controller automatic label module.

Numina’s automated print-and-apply label system directly controls the conveying, tracking, labeling, and validation of every carton through every inch of the process. Correct, high-quality packing slips and shipping labels are precisely applied in a matter of seconds – providing an error-free print and apply process for every carton shipped.

Proven Accuracy and Performance

Numina’s One-Step print and apply label system does it all. It communicates with WMS/shipping systems, scans existing barcodes, and generates and verifies every packing slip and shipping label. One-Step is designed to run continuously with only a single operator, offering advanced labeling automation that outperforms the equivalent of 15 manually operated print and apply labeling workstations.

Reduce Labor and Material Costs

You will reduce labor hours and shipping material costs with Numina’s high-speed print and apply automation system.

The One-Step™ automated labeling system processes cartons at a rate of 25 per minute, 1,500 per hour, or 12,000 per eight-hour shift.

Proven ROI

Numina’s One-Step solution has proven itself in many installations in the computer, electronics, and pharmaceutical industries.

Learn more by downloading the One-Step™ Datasheet.

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