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Pack Slip Print & Apply

Your distribution center will move one-step ahead of the competition with The Numina Group’s One-Step™ Fulfillment System. We offer print and applying labeling automation for streamlined warehouse distribution.

Ship Faster at a Lower Cost with Labeling Automation
print and apply labeling automation

One-Step™ is a revolutionary process integrating the best hardware, software, and print and apply labeling technology to the application of packing slips and shipping labels. In fact, Numina’s print and apply labelers can continuously process as many as 25 cartons per minute with consistent accuracy.

Advance warehouse distribution to the next level with an automated print and apply labeling system from Numina Group. Distribution centers equipped with Numina Group’s print and apply automation technology realize numerous benefits.

  • Automatically Print and Apply Labels & Packing Slips
  • Reduces Manual Labor
  • Increase Throughput
  • Improve Accuracy with Labeler Automation
  • Reduce Shipping Material Costs

The Print and Apply Technology Behind The Process

Numina’s Real-Time Distribution Software and Trak3™ Controller Labeling Automation Module make up the system that manages the print and apply automation process. Numina’s automated print and apply labeling system directly controls the conveying, tracking, labeling and validation of every carton through every inch of the process. The correct packing slip and shipping label is precisely applied in a matter of seconds – providing an error-free print and apply process for every carton shipped. Optimize the control and delivery of the distribution process with automated print and apply labelers and Numina’s One-Step™ Fulfillment System.

Proven Accuracy and Performance

One-Step™ does it all. It communicates with WMS/Shipping Systems, scans existing barcodes, and generate and verifies every packing slip and shipping label. The automated print and apply labeling system is designed to run continuously with only a single operator, offering advanced labeling automation that outperforms the equivalent of 15 manually operated print and apply labeling workstations. Reduce labor hours and shipping material costs with Numina Group’s industry leading print and apply automation system.

Our One-Step™ automated labeling system processes cartons at a rate of 25 per minute, 1,500 per hour or 12,000 per eight hour shift! And that’s why the One-Step has proven itself in dozens of installations in the computer, electronics and pharmaceutical industries.

Get the One-Step™ Fulfillment System and get one step ahead by reducing packaging and labor costs while increasing speed, accuracy and throughput. Discover enhanced distribution efficiency with print and apply system automation designed by The Numina Group.