Food & Beverage Automation

Food and beverage distribution can be particularly challenging

Built for a Challenging Industry

Perhaps no industry’s fulfillment requirements are as challenging as those of the food and beverage sector. Managing dry, perishable or frozen products — or any combination — requires a comprehensive and reliable solution. Fortunately, Numina Group offers a complete range of services to assist our customers in these markets.

All aspects of food fulfillment services including shipping, receiving, returns, and put away are integrated with Real-Time Distribution System (RDS™), our versatile warehouse execution and control system. RDS™ combines our voice-picking technology with real-time control of material handling in distribution. The pairing of our tech with our expertise makes us a sought-after food fulfillment partner.

Distribution can be particularly challenging because warehouses are faced with a variety of demands, including climate-controlled temperatures, best by dates, and FDA, USDA and ECP regulations. Food manufacturers and distribution operations must meet stringent requirements on product quality and freshness along with the ability to stay up to date on food tracking and food safety regulations. With the food warehouse automation solutions developed by The Numina Group, we can help meet those demands.

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Software That Keeps You On-Track

Accurate, real-time warehouse software is essential for ensuring safety for food products. Numina Group offers food and beverage automation software to meet your custom needs. Our RDS™ platform is modular and scales to any size operation, large or small. With our suite of products, food and beverage fulfillment operations have unparalleled control over the necessary handling equipment. Print and apply labels, improve pick accuracy, track products and more with our automation technologies in your arsenal.

Let Us Plan Your Facility

Every moment a food product spends in the supply chain, it loses freshness and therefore value to consumers. This is why a highly efficient warehouse design is critical for those serving this industry. Our experienced engineering and software development teams work closely with you to assess your needs, examine your existing facilities and suggest any process improvements that can make a difference for you. Our expertise with integrating controls and automation in the food industry means we can deliver a facility that functions with optimal effectiveness. 

Future-Proof Your Operations With Automation

With more than 30 years of experience, no one knows more about the power of automated systems than we do. We’ve been on the cutting edge of this technology for decades. This allows us to implement a food warehouse automation system that maximizes your existing space. From sorting to picking to labeling to scanning, we have the capability to build a comprehensive structure that integrates seamlessly with our software and controls.

Our consultative approach sets us apart in the marketplace. It means we know how to get involved in your operation down to the smallest detail and optimize it for the best overall results. Learn more about how we can help your business overcome the unique challenges you face and build a more successful supply chain.

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Cold Chain 3PL Achieves 2X Productivity Increase with Warehouse Automation

Green Rabbit, a cold chain logistics company, was experiencing explosive growth with existing and new clients and knew it needed automated warehouse system solution to stay ahead. Numina Group conducted an engineering study to design their new DC and define and implement an automated warehouse system tailored to their specific requirements.

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