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Food and beverage distribution can be particularly challenging

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Food and beverage

Numina group offers a complete range of fulfillment services for dry, perishable, and frozen food industries. All aspects of order fulfillment services including shipping, receiving, returns, and put away are integrated with Real-Time Distribution System (RDS™), our versatile warehouse execution and control system. RDS™ combines our voice picking technology with real time control of material handling in distribution.

Food and beverage distribution can be particularly challenging because warehouses are faced with a variety of demands, including climate-controlled temperatures, best by dates, and FDA, USDA and ECP regulations. Food manufacturers and distribution operations must meet stringent requirements on product quality and freshness along with the ability to stay up to date on food tracking and food safety regulations. Accurate, real time warehouse software is essential for ensuring safety for food products. Numina Group offers software and a selection of automation technologies to meet your custom needs.