We design and deliver warehouse automation solutions to accelerate our customers’ business productivity and profitability.

We design and deliver warehouse automation solutions to accelerate our customers’ business productivity and profitability.

RDS Automated Warehouse Systems
Family of Software Modules

4 Reasons Numina Group is a Modex 2022 Top Resource for the Latest Pick, Pack & Ship Technology

Numina to feature live demos of the latest in warehouse robots, AMRs, pick-by-voice, put-to-light & RDS, its flexible warehouse automation platform.

Cartonization Software Saves Labor Costs

How Advanced Cartonization Software Yields Higher Packing, Shipping, and Labor Cost Savings “We’ll save over $300,000 in shipping costs through cartonization software selecting the right shipping containers and carriers.” Numina Customer Increase Fulfillment Efficiency and Accuracy Cartonization Software is a valuable tool in today’s warehouse distribution operations.  The cost-savings and efficiency implications in a DC… Continue reading Cartonization Software Saves Labor Costs

Voice Picking System Benefits

Why a Voice Picking System is the Choice for your Automated Warehouse Fulfillment Operation. One of the most effective ways to streamline warehouse labor requirements – by as much as 50% – is to add a voice-directed picking system to your picking operations. Order picking can be the most labor-intensive and labor-costly activity in omni-channel…

Synchronize people and AMRs

Numina Group is excited to announce that we are a finalist for MHI’s annual innovation award. The winner will be announced as part of the ProMatDX event in April, 2021. Numina is the first to market with a warehouse software application that fully synchronizes people and AMRs’ work tasks across the entire pick, pack, and…

Prepare Now for Next Peak Season

Now is the Time to Get Ready for the Next Peak Season Final numbers aren’t in, but 2020 was a record setting year for shipments. Unfortunately, over 2 million packages did not arrive on time for Christmas, according to the Atlanta Journal. Although peak season brings in a welcome surplus in profits, it also highlights…

8 Steps to Prepare your Omnichannel DC for Peak Season

Four Big Benefits Gained from Mobile Powered Carts – Part 1 Companies today have access to a plethora of technologies for automating and streamlining warehouse operations. So much so, that it is sometimes easy to overlook how a lean simple technology can be combined with other technologies to impact daily labor savings while returning…

Modex 2020 is Here – What to Expect

As a leading material handling and order fulfillment automation integrator, Numina Group has been designing and implementing more efficient distribution centers that provide clients more profitable operations for over 30 years. A design with leaner processes enforced with the right blend of automation technologies streamlines the entire order fulfillment operation to lower labor costs, increase accuracy…

The Latest Trends in Track and Trace SKU Serialization Capture

The need to track lot and serial SKU information for order shipment records is no longer limited to specific industries. It exists throughout the supply chain and if it’s not required today in your business it could be coming shortly! Consider the demands of electronics and computer distribution channels, where a warranty begins the moment…

RDS™ Cartonization Software Increases Profitability Through Optimized Dim Weight Shipping

“One of our customers with an omni-channel distribution operation estimates that they will save over $300,000 in shipping costs by using the latest version of RDS™ cartonization software”, states Dan Hanrahan, CEO of Numina Group. Getting shipments to customers expeditiously and accurately at the lowest parcel and LTL shipment cost is mission critical in e-commerce…

Numina Group’s Warehouse Control System, WCS Automates DC Efficiency

The team at Numina Group understands that optimizing new or current warehouse order fulfillment operations requires design of lean low-touch processes and software control expertise in order to manage and coordinate today’s sophisticated automated material handling technologies. The software must be fast, efficient, and reliable, especially in 24/7 operations. From picking through packing and shipping, order…

Warehouse Automation Solutions for Fast, Profitable Fulfillment

Are you fully aware of the benefits that high-speed, low-touch picking, packing, and shipping processes have on optimizing warehouse performance?

Bring us your order fulfillment challenges.

For over 35 years, Numina Group has partnered with companies of all sizes to develop process improvements that boost productivity to manage order growth. We offer expert warehouse design & engineering, superior automation software, and implementation services.

“I don’t know how we would have remained competitive
without implementing automation.”

Adam Greenberg, President and Founder
NorthShore Care Supply

Scalable Warehouse Execution & Control Software (WES-WCS)

Numina Group designs and implements optimized warehouse operations managed by our RDS™ WES-WCS warehouse execution and control software platform.

RDS includes advanced data-driven order release and real-time control of core warehouse automation duties. The software platform manages automated warehouse execution and activities to balance and synchronize workflow across the entire warehouse operation.

Warehouse automation software requires true real-time, high-speed performance and ability to cost-effectively scale from small to large applications. Get an engineered multi-channel solution proven in hundreds of e-commerce, business-to-business (B2B), business-to-consumer (B2C), and business-to-retailer operations (B2R).

Systems Integration & Implementation

The Numina Group is an industry-leading independent systems integrator, which sets us apart from manufacturers and in-house automation departments. We work as your partner to evaluate and select the right warehouse automation and material handling technology investments to provide the best performance and ROI to improve your operation. 

Our services include:

Expert Warehouse
Design Services

The Numina Group provides modern warehouse design solutions to improve product storage, picking, packing and shipping processes. Our experienced engineering and software development staff work closely with you to define, design and implement an effective warehouse design plan that delivers “perfect order” KPIs and a proven return-on-your investment (ROI).

Systems Integration
& Implementation

The Numina Group is an independent systems integrator, which sets us apart from other warehouse automation companies. When we work with you, we evaluate any and all warehouse automation technologies to provide you with an objective assessment of performance and ROI by comparing every technology and process improvement option.

100% Customer Success Focus

Our Commitment:

The Numina Group is 100% committed to the right-fit solution for every customer. We define, design, and deliver automation with a measurable, proven return-on-investment for every project.


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