The Numina Group is the Leader in Define, Design and Implementation of Higher Profitability Distribution

warehouse automation numina groupAt Numina Group innovative design and technologies are used in increasing operational profitability.  Leaning the order fulfillment operation drives the design and final technology selection requirements.  The conveyor system and material handling solutions selected delivers an order fulfillment operation encompassing Perfect Order Practices.

Perfect Order Processes equate to higher profitable operations! The four components required are complete order-fill accuracy, delivered on time, damage free and correct documentation. Operations that consistently achieve performance of 99% or greater in all four components – dramatically achieve higher KPI’s in order fill accuracy, labor usage and on-time delivery will gain dramatic increases in distribution profitability.

Superior Design Drives Order Fulfillment Productivity and Profitability

Why Numina Group?

What differentiates The Numina Group’s distribution automation systems and products is over 30 years of in-house real-time software development, engineering, and experience supplying Tier One Warehouse Control Systems (WCS).  We streamline Pick, Pack, and Ship Order Fulfillment and Distribution Processes for both new and existing operations.  Get the right technology to improve accuracy and throughput, while reducing touches and lowering labor costs.

Software is critical for meeting performance requirements; it’s the component you can’t compromise on.  Real-Time Distribution Software, RDS™ offers guaranteed realtime performance, high reliability, and a fully redundant architecture. RDS™ has a full suite of pre-developed automation modules covering order flow optimization, picking, conveyor controls, packing with in-line dimensional weighing, vision inspection, print and apply labeling, and the highest performance order fulfillment and shipping sort control applications.

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Streamline Order Fulfillment

streamline order fulfillment RDSLean Drives Design – We team with our clients to assess current processes, analyzing order profiles, SKU velocity, and eliminate wasted touches, labor and procedures. Armed with the right data we flow chart current and the new process to ensure the operation meets your growth strategy. Together we evaluate and select automated processes and technologies to transform current order fulfillment practices into an automated distribution operation that will deliver the highest ROI.

The Right Order Fulfillment Software

Software is Key to gaining efficiency in distribution operations.  Real-time Distribution Software System RDS™ contains the right components to deliver Perfect Order Fulfillment Practices. RDS™ is a Powerful, Scalable Tier 1 Warehouse Control System, (WCS). RDS™ contains a family of automation modules that manages Order Release and Work Flow throughout Picking, Packing, and Shipping to reduce labor, increase order accuracy with on-time deliveries to 99.9%.  Our superior Tier 1 WCS Warehouse Control Order Fulfillment Automation is documented to accelerate ROI.

Lean Automated Design – Perfect Order Practices can lower capital equipment investment. RDS™ Tier 1 WCS with its Order Fulfillment Module orchestrate order picking in a lean pick-pack task, direct to the shipping carton. Speaker independent multi-modal voice picking or pick to light is deployed to reduce labor improve order accuracy and shorten delivery windows. Order flow becomes a continuous, integrated process throughout the pick pack and ship operation.