End-to-End Integrated Warehouse Automation Solutions

Our process

Our Approach to Successfully Delivering Automation

Numina Group designs and implements Tier I automated warehouse systems managed by our RDS™ WES-WCS
warehouse execution and control software
platform. But our expertise does not stop at technology.

Numina follows a proven approach to ensure your warehouse automation project succeeds. Here is how we get there.

Site Evaluation

The best way to ensure project success is to begin with an audit of your existing operations. Our warehouse engineers work with you to perform a site assessment with SKU movement data velocity and order throughput analysis to benchmark your company’s current and five-year projected growth.

The resulting warehouse engineering study is a detailed summary of your current warehouse processes, identifies opportunities for improvement, and pinpoints cost savings across the entire operation.

Process Improvements

Our industrial engineers work with you to review processes and identify wasted touches and movements in your operations.

Armed with the right data and on-site assessment of your facility, we partner with your team to outline and define process improvements, create a warehouse layout drawing, and determine the most effective warehouse automation design for your operations.

Technology Review

Once our teams are aligned on the improved warehouse flow, we review warehouse automation technologies to improve storage and accelerate process improvements while generating the highest ROI yield.

With the Numina Group as your independent systems integrator, you benefit from working with a partner that can evaluate and choose the best-of-breed technologies to achieve the optimal solution for your operation.

Design Study

Numina Group also offers expert design planning services to support your in-house team in creating a plan that draws on the latest modern warehouse design principles and technologies.

Our warehouse design plans are backed by a written performance and acceptance test specification document that guarantees the system will meet or exceed the performance requirements.

Integration and Turnkey Implementation

We provide complete integration and implementation services, including configuration, installation, testing and go-live, and ongoing support. You can rely on us to ensure your project’s success from design to go-live, with guaranteed performance managed and controlled by RDS WES-WCS.

After implementation, our team is available for you with ongoing critical software and system support 24 hours, seven days a week.

Integrated Warehouse Automation Solutions

Numina Group
1. Goods to Person (G2P)

Robotic automation solution for put away, storage retrieval and order picking. RDS batch picks from goods to person automation across multiple orders delivering higher productivity than goods to person alone.

Learn more about Goods to Person
2. Pick to Light

RDS pick to light order consolidation seamlessly directs workers picking activities to automate the sorting of SKUs to individual orders.

Learn More about Pick to Light
3. Voice Directed Batch Picking

Comprehensive integrated voice solution that includes optimized order release and cartonization logic. It is a proven process for increasing efficiency and accuracy of pickers in a distribution center.

Learn More about Voice Directed Batch Picking
4. Batchbot - Autonomous Mobile Robot (AMR)

Combines RDS Voice Picking and AMR batch pick carts, uniting people and robots to lower labor costs and double order fulfillment productivity. Batchbot's bigger carts increase picking density, the key to driving higher picking productivity. One cart can hold up to 30 orders and has a 2000 lb. weight capacity.

Learn More about Batchbot
5. Voice Directed High Speed Pick Module

Optimized order fulfillment solution designed for dense product storage can be combined with RDS Voice picking to automate order picking, replenishment and put away.

Learn More about Pick Modules
6. Scan, Weigh, Vision Audit

Automatically measures, weighs, and calculates dimensional weight of cartons, eliminating manual tasks. An optional camera can capture high resolution images of carton contents for enhanced traceability and customer service.

Learn More about Scan Weigh Vision Audit
7. PFI Document Print & Insertion

Automatically insert packing slips, product specific instructions, marketing materials, or compliance documentation.

Learn more about PFI
8. Pack Work Station

Rules-based solution for void insertion, packing sheet insertion, and automatic taping of shipping cartons. It automates these tasks, cutting labor costs, boosting accuracy, and enhancing productivity. With a single operator, it can process 6 cartons per minute.

Learn More about Pakt
9. Print and Apply Labeling and Manifesting

Automatically manifest, print, and apply shipping labels without any manual touches. Automatically print and apply shipping labels, packing slips, full 8.5” x 11” packing sheets, SSCC labels, ASN Labels, UCC Labels, and Order Identifier labels.

Learn More about Pack and Ship Automation
10. Parcel Trailer Loading

Automatically divert shipping containers based on parcel carriers, LTL, and FTL designations.

Numina Group

Goods to Person (G2P


Pick to Light Order Consolidation


Voice Directed Batch Picking


Batchbot - Autonomous Mobile Robot (AMR)


Voice Directed High Speed Pick Module


Scan, Weigh, Vision Audit

To ensure the right products have been picked into the correct shipping container based on weight and to provide image-based traceability via cameras.


PFI Document Print & Insertion

Print, Fold, Insertion (PFI)/Document insertion: To automatically insert any packing slips, marketing materials, or compliance documentation


Pack Work Station

To have rules-based, system-directed void insertion as well as automatic taping of the shipping container


Dimension and Weigh Capture

To calculate an accurate dimensional weight of a carton to properly ate shop and to avoid carrier charge backs


QC Exception Lane

For cartons that are outside of the expected weight threshold to be diverted to an exception lane for further quality control


Print and Apply Labeling and Manifesting

To automatically manifest, print, and apply shipping labels without any manual touches


Voice Directed Pallet Build


Parcel Trailer Loading

To automatically divert shipping containers based on parcel carriers, LTL, and FTL designations.


Design Study

Numina Group also offers expert design planning services to support your in-house team in creating a plan that draws on the latest modern warehouse design principles and technologies.

Our warehouse design plans are backed by a written performance and acceptance test specification document that guarantees the system will meet or exceed the performance requirements.

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Video Library

What impact can an integrated warehouse automation solution have on your distribution operations? See for yourself!

Take a tour of Numina’s Video Library to see how our customers are achieving higher productivity, lower labor costs and fast, accurate order fulfillment with our solutions.

Scalable Warehouse Execution & Control Software (WES-WCS)

Numina Group designs and implements optimized warehouse operations managed by our RDS™ WES-WCS warehouse execution and control software platform.

RDS includes advanced data-driven order release and real-time control of core warehouse automation duties. The software platform manages automated warehouse execution and activities to balance and synchronize workflow across the entire warehouse operation.

Warehouse automation software requires true real-time, high-speed performance and ability to cost-effectively scale from small to large applications. Get an engineered multi-channel solution proven in hundreds of e-commerce, business-to-business (B2B), business-to-consumer (B2C), and business-to-retailer operations (B2R).

RDS Automated Warehouse Systems Family of Software Modules

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E-commerce Fulfillment Technologies with Rapid Efficiency & ROI Results

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Key Factors in Integrating Traditional and E-Commerce Order Fulfillment Operations

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Numina to Demonstrate RDS™ Warehouse Order Orchestration Suite at Modex 2024

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Warehouse Automation Solutions for Fast, Profitable Fulfillment

Are you fully aware of the benefits that high-speed, low-touch picking, packing, and shipping processes have on optimizing warehouse performance?

Bring us your order fulfillment challenges.

For over 35 years, Numina Group has partnered with companies of all sizes to develop process improvements that boost productivity to manage order growth. We offer expert warehouse design & engineering, superior automation software, and implementation services.

“I don’t know how we would have remained competitive
without implementing automation.”

Adam Greenberg, President and Founder
NorthShore Care Supply

Our services include:

Expert Warehouse
Design Services

The Numina Group provides modern warehouse design solutions to improve product storage, picking, packing and shipping processes. Our experienced engineering and software development staff work closely with you to define, design and implement an effective warehouse design plan that delivers “perfect order” KPIs and a proven return-on-your investment (ROI).

Systems Integration
& Implementation

The Numina Group is an independent systems integrator, which sets us apart from other warehouse automation companies. When we work with you, we evaluate any and all warehouse automation technologies to provide you with an objective assessment of performance and ROI by comparing every technology and process improvement option.

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Our Commitment:

The Numina Group is 100% committed to the right-fit solution for every customer. We define, design, and deliver automation with a measurable, proven return-on-investment for every project.


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