3rd Party Logistics

Solutions for multi-client ecommerce order fulfillment operations

3rd Party Logistics

Outsourcing ecommerce warehousing to a third party logistics provider has become a growing trend as online sales skyrocket and small businesses have trouble keeping up with the distribution demands on their own. 3PL’s must keep costs low with efficient operations for a wide variety of clients and industries. Because 3PL’s have so many different clients, the need for scalability and a plethora of custom distribution solutions is imperative. Numina Group has over 30 years of experience in providing the latest technology solutions to distribution centers.

Sophisticated 3rd party warehouse execution and control software is the key to developing the best warehouse practices. Our solutions are designed to accommodate the specific application needs for multi-client ecommerce order fulfillment operations. As a solutions provider, we optimize the entire pick, pack, and ship process, including receiving, storage, put away, replenishment, case and piece picking, kitting, consolidation, order packing, documentation application, and truck loading.

Software That Delivers Results

Our Real-time Distribution software suite of products (RDS™) provides a powerful control and execution platform with labor tracking that manages and synchronizes the work of an entire 3PL’s automation systems. This program is modular and can scale to fit operations of virtually any size. It integrates easily with your existing ERP and WMS. It’s a real-time operating system for your warehouse distribution process.

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3rd Party Logistics

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Expertise For Your Facility’s Layout

Another way in which we help 3rd party fulfillment operators serve their customers better is through our warehouse design services. We optimize distribution processes with modular and bolt-on technologies to suit changing and growing 3PL operations. Our experts take a close look at your existing facilities and work to understand how they can be optimized to maximize performance. Thanks to our collaborative approach, our 3PL clients benefit from the most efficient operations, significant labor-cost reduction, and more satisfied customers.

Technology for Streamlined Operations

With more than 30 years of experience providing comprehensive automated warehousing solutions, no one is better suited than us to upgrade your facility. We can integrate equipment with our RDS™ platform to create seamless third party logistics solutions for you. Our capabilities and know-how enable us to design and implement turnkey automated distribution centers, execution and control systems, voice picking solutions, and more. The 3rd party warehouse services we provide streamline your processes to support higher profitability.

We bring true problem-solving acumen and innovative technology to everything we do. Our consultative approach makes us unique in the marketplace and leads to ideal outcomes for our clients. Learn more about how we can help your business by getting in touch with us today.

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