Robotics Goods-to-Person (G2P) or (GTP)

Solutions Accelerate Picking Rates and Lower Labor Costs

GTP Goods-to-Person (G2P) Picking Rates of 250 to 350 Lines Per Person Hour

Advancements in the latest generation robotic based Goods-to-Person known in the industry as (GTP) and (G2P) technologies have lowered the cost and made the technology suitable for all sizes of warehouse order fulfillment operations.

The latest generation of robotic G2P are cost-effective and scalable solutions, especially if the order profile consists of a large percentage of split case order volume. 

Benefits of GTP Goods-to-Person (G2P) Automation

  • Reduce labor requirement
  • Increase the speed to fulfill orders in the pick and pack processes
  • Increased accuracy
  • Enable same day delivery

What is GTP Goods-to-Person (G2P) Order Fulfillment Automation?

Goods to Person (GTP) defines a broad array of systems used to automate the storage and retrieval of a product. With this order picking method, the technology moves, stores and delivers products to the picker, eliminating walking and movement, increasing picking productivity to 250 to 350 picks per person. Less walking along with ergonomic presentation of the goods achieves the industry’s highest picking productivity rates. In simple terms, products are moved directly to the picker, who then picks what is needed to fulfill the customer orders.  

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Which G2P System is best suited for your operation?

Today there are hundreds of warehouse robotic technologies and options available to consider. It takes a knowledgeable partner and a design first approach to analyze the customers mix of SKU sizes and velocity movement to determine which GTP Solution is best suited for a specific warehouse operation. If your product profile is found to be a good fit for a G2P system, the next step is to compare the pros and cons of the various Goods-to-Person (GTP) technologies to access which solution is best for your mix of products, picking, and storage needs. That’s why you need Numina Group, we’ll team with your company to review, compare and select the right blend of conveyors, AMRs and G2P automation technologies to find the technology best suited to optimize your order entire fulfillment operations.

Check out our presentation: A system Integrator’s Insight on how to Evaluate the Best AMR or G2P Technology for your distribution Center.

RDS WES-WCS Warehouse Execution and Control Platform Optimizes G2P Performance

The driving force behind GTP solutions is RDS™ WES-WCS, Numina’s robust, modular warehouse execution and control software platform. RDS orchestrates lean, fast, low labor warehouse practices, such as optimized order release. It is a flexible, scalable execution and real-time control platform that balances and synchronizes order flow and workers across the entire warehouse operation. It’s proven software with 100’s of installations in B2B and B2C distribution center operations.

Single-Source Warehouse Design, Software, Robotics Design and Integration Expertise

As a leading independent warehouse automation designer, software developer and systems integrator, Numina Group brings close to four decades of implementation experience to every client’s project.

Our design and engineering team works collaboratively with your team starting with the initial site review and process assessment. We perform data analysis of your warehouse operations to evaluate and recommend the right blend of automaton. We believe in a data driven design that considers all of the available technologies before we perform the selection, integration, and implementation.

During the design study we’ll compare the various G2P systems’ capabilities and contrast them to alternative types of warehouse automation to ensure they are the best match to your current needs and to your 5-year growth plan. We’ll determine the best mix of material handling automation technologies to improve picking and shipping to complement your GTP to magnify the performance of your solution.

GTP Technology Selection

Addverbfull family of AMRs for picking, moving and sorting from 20lbs. to 3,000 lb. load capacity.  

Geek Plus – AMRs and next generation goods to person robotic based systems for a wide variety of SKU sizes providing storage and picking flexibility to adapt and easily scale to future business growth and changes.

Robotics Implementation Services

Numina Group provides expert warehouse design, engineering, systems selection and implementation services for greenfield and existing distribution centers.

Talk to one of our warehouse automation experts to learn how Numina works with customers in a collaborative manner to define process improvements and select the right blend of AMRs, G2P technologies, and other automation to drive the highest productivity at your operation. 

AMR Warehouse Robots + Voice Picking System = Maximum Order Fulfillment Efficiency

Warehouse robots such as autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) streamline and automate batch cart order movement, reducing manual labor requirements and increasing worker productivity by eliminating non-valued walking and pushing heavy carts throughout the DC. When combined with latest-generation pick-by-voice systems, the efficiency gains are multifold.

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