RDS™ Pick-to-Light provides the highest productivity of any pick method

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RDS™ Pick-to-Light

Maximized Productivity for High Density, High Volume Picking Requirements

Numina’s Pick to Light System is the industry’s LOWEST COST and MOST RELIABLE automated order picking equipment. RDS™ Pick Execution Software manages the Pick to Light Process. RDS™ receives order information and item location/quantity data from your existing WMS/ERP system and manages the zone Pick to Light picking process.

Pick to lightRDS™ Pick-to-Light provides the highest productivity of any pick method, with rates of 350-500 picks per hour.  Pick-to-Light can be combined with other pick technologies to create a cost effective overall solution.  The Numina Group will complete an operation evaluation determines what blend of technologies provide “Best ROI”.

RDS™ Pick-to-Light includes our labor tracking and reporting module. The reporting toolset measures worker productivity across different tasks, and tracks labor to settable work standards. The software provides the tools to measure and report operation and worker productivity.

Don’t forget Put-to-Light.  In addition to pick to light solutions, RDS™ Pick-to-Light provides put solutions for kitting, replenishment, consolidation, and document selection at packing.

Numina Group pick to light systemsLow Cost Hardware and Installation

The pick to light modules plug into a power and communication mounting channel for quick and easy installation or re-locating of modules. Each light display has fully redundant power and communications built in and can be replaced or moved in minutes, ensuring maximum up time. The snap in channel design provides a reduction of over 30% in installation costs compared to other automated order picking hardware.

RDS™ Pick-to-Light Features

  • A flexible and cost effective pick to light solution which easily integrates with existing WMS-ERP Systems, eliminating the need for expensive third party software
  • Paperless hands free automated order picking withthe highest productivity of any pick method
  • An automated order picking system that is simple to operate and requires minimal training – easy to add temporary staff for peak periods
  • Industry’s most reliable and lowest cost Pick to Light hardware
  • Easily upgradable to include RDS™ Voice which provides the ability to support voice directed order picking, pick to light or a combination of both technologies

To learn more about pick to light system solutions for automated order picking, please contact us for more information.

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