RDS Pick-to-Light and Put-to-Light Systems for Fast, Efficient Order Fulfillment

RDS™ Pick-to-Light System – Flexible Solution Proven to Boost Warehouse Productivity

Numina Group’s RDS Pick-to-Light and Put-to-Light systems are ideal for high-volume fulfillment operations that want to increase the volume of orders being picked per hour without increasing labor costs.

Pick-to-Light - A Convenient Add-on Solution to Your Warehouse Systems

Developed with the latest generation of pick-to-light technology, RDS Pick-to-Light is designed to integrate into an existing ERP or WMS.

The RDS Pick-to-Light solution automates and accelerates time-consuming, often manual tasks including order picking, putting, sorting, and kitting activities. It delivers the greatest benefit for companies with high-density fast-mover product picking applications that require 300-500 lines per man-hour pick rates.

Overview of RDS Pick-to-Light Functionality

RDS Pick-to-Light seamlessly directs workers’ picking activities via intelligent indicator displays that can be mounted onto virtually any shelving or rack storage system.

To begin the picking process, an RDS message display and indicator light signals the worker of the quantity to be picked or placed (put). Workers perform the task and confirm its completion by pressing a display button or a hands-free scanner.

The Numina Group can help you derive the greatest efficiencies by configuring RDS Pick-to-Light for your exact picking workflow and warehouse layout. 

Our warehouse design services team can also help you evaluate your warehouse to determine the optimal layout of your fulfillment workflow.

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Pick to Light Order Fulfillment Automation Cuts Labor by 60%

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Mobile Hands-free Scanning for Added Efficiency and Accuracy

RDS Pick-to-Light, when combined with hands-free barcode scanning, delivers even greater accuracy and time savings by enabling workers to validate the picked items and put directly to the shipping carton or tote. Workers’ movements are even faster as the hands-free scanner eliminates the extra motions and seconds required to push the display button.

The combination of RDS Pick-to-Light and barcode scanning can also eliminate most secondary checking, resulting in higher order fulfillment pick, pack, and ship productivity.

Benefits of RDS Pick-to-Light System

Additional RDS Modules

RDS Pick-to-Light includes additional automation modules such as cartonization to direct a single-touch pick and pack directly to the shipping carton. This eliminates secondary touches from the pick and pack process, adding higher productivity and inventory tracking throughout the order fulfillment supply chain.


Enable Higher Efficiency Zone-Based Picking with Numina’s Put-to-Light Order Consolidation Walls

The RDS Put-to-Light Order Consolidation solution cost-effectively streamlines batch order zone picking throughout the DC and automates the sorting of the SKUs to individual orders.

RDS Put-to-Light seamlessly directs workers’ picking activities via intelligent indicator displays that can be mounted onto virtually any shelving or rack storage system. 

All tasks are guided by RDS:

RDS message display and indicator lights signal the worker to simply scan SKUs or items and place them on the required shelf location. 

When the order is completed, a display light on the back side of the wall is energized and displays each order’s required shipping carton size for packing.

Results: Gains of 50% or more in productivity in the pick, pack, and ship operation.

Consider the advantages Numina’s Pick-to-Light and/or our Put-to-Light Walls can provide to maximize your warehouse productivity.

The Numina Group specializes in pick-to-light and put-to-light systems, providing operational benefits across the board for your fulfillment processes. To learn how we can help you increase accuracy, reduce labor time and resourcing, and improve your service offerings, contact us today.

Live Demo of Pick-to-Light and Put-to-Light Order Consolidation Solution

Numina Group’s RDS suite of pick-to-light and put-to-light order consolidation technologies allow companies to increase order efficiencies and reduce labor costs by using to put-to-light order consolidation.

Mark Hejmej of Numina Group demonstrates the ease and efficiency gained with batch picking using a put wall.

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