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Warehouse Design and Layout


Determines the technologies which provide the maximum profitability and the fastest return on investment (ROI)

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Warehouse Design and Layout for Maximum Profitability from Numina Group

Numina Group provides comprehensive warehouse design and layout services, beginning with a holistic approach that analyzes processes and people. Following, we determine the technologies that provide the maximum profitability and the fastest return on investment (ROI). Our experience and expertise in warehouse design set us apart from the competition. We provide massive labor reduction and cost savings through the combination of automation and lean design.

Numina Group will optimize order flow throughout your entire operation, providing immediate ROI. Our in-depth warehouse design solutions include:

  • Design and time studies
  • Product slotting and profiling
  • SKU velocity
  • Footprint requirements
  • Blueprint of optimized design for maximum profitability
  • Technology Selection
  • Return on Investment (ROI) Analysis
  • Guaranteed Performance

By identifying these areas through data analysis in a visual approach, we can make strategic decisions together to eliminate waste and provide value in all aspects of your automated warehouse system.  

Our warehouse design and layout services have helped clients double and even triple their productivity per employee. Typical productivity gains of 35% to 50% have been achieved hundreds of times across a plethora of industries including: Omni-Channel, E-Commerce, Consumer Goods, Healthcare, Pharmaceuticals, Electronics, Third-Party Logistics (3PL) and many more.   

Warehouse Design and Layout Services by Numina Group

Numina Group conducts a thorough lean analysis with design and time studies, incorporating Value Stream Mapping to drill down into each process, eliminate waste and non-value-added touches. This highly visual analysis tool enables us to identify redundancies, gaps, disconnects and bottlenecks in your system. We conduct in-depth lean analysis of current and proposed distribution processes, analyzing product slotting and profiling, and SKU velocities.

Numina is often called upon for our expertise in analyzing facility requirements, maximizing capacity, and implementing warehouse automation in distribution centers across North America. Our warehouse design services help manufacturers and distribution centers make the most of their available space and equipment through smart warehouse control and execution..  

Numina’s expert Industrial Engineers render design concepts in AutoCAD and Demo3D, producing a blueprint of your optimized warehouse design and layout. We provide a comparison of your current flow to an optimized design flow, highlighting your cost savings. We also provide a detailed ROI payback analysis, along with a written guarantee that our automated warehouse solutions will meet or exceed design performance requirements. 

Why Should You Optimize Your Warehouse?

Warehouse layout optimization can have a tremendous impact on the efficiency of your facility. By organizing everything according to workflow, you can cut down on the time it takes to pick and sort items. Even the reduction of a few minutes per fulfillment can substantially improve how quickly you can pick orders. You are likely to see increased customer satisfaction and higher retention rates as a result of optimizing your distribution warehouse design.

Not only can an optimized warehouse organization layout result in faster processing times, but it also has the potential to reduce the risk of accidents. A properly designed warehouse layout results in streamlined traffic flow that prevents the paths of workers and equipment from crossing. This means fewer lost-time incidents and workers’ compensation claims.

The expertise and capabilities Numina Group brings to your operations make us the ideal choice. We can deliver expert advice and all the technology needed to transform your environment into a more efficient and effective space.


Warehouse Design Includes Advanced Technologies with Real Time Control

Warehouse design by Numina includes solutions for optimized automation with real time warehouse control powered by our Tier One Warehouse Control System, Real-Time Distribution, RDS™. RDS™ includes technologies that drive automation, and seamlessly integrate with your current WMS or ERP system.

Advanced technologies driven by RDS™ include:

Our flexible and scalable Warehouse Control and Execution System, (WCS-WES), modules are designed to help facilitate growth and have the flexibility to scale changes to your business. Let Numina show you how to maximize your distribution operation to obtain higher profitability. Our WCS-WES powers cutting edge automation and technologies that are proven to increase accuracy rates to 99.99%, increase overall profitability 30% or more, and reduce labor costs from 30% to 70%. 

Numina Group is the recognized leader in warehouse automation with proven solutions to reduce material and labor costs, while increasing throughput, capacity and profit. Review our case studies to see benefits realized by our customers, and contact us today to learn more about our comprehensive services for your warehouse design and layout.