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Automated Warehouse Systems


Real-Time Distribution System, RDS™, increases accuracy of order fulfillment processes to 99.99%

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Automated Warehouse Systems Increase Productivity and Profitability

Numina Group leads the industry in automated warehouse systems design and implementation, providing significant cost savings to thousands of distribution and order fulfillment centers across North America. We have more than thirty years of experience supplying Tier One Warehouse Control and Execution Systems (WCS-WES) to distribution centers in various markets including: B to B, B to C, Third-Party Logistics, Retail, Omni-Channel, E-Commerce, Medical, Pharmaceutical, and many other industries.

Our Real-Time Distribution, RDS™, warehouse control system is unsurpassed in performance, providing several advantages to our customers which include:

  • Increase in accuracy of order fulfillment processes to 99.99%
  • Reduction in labor costs ranging from 30% to 70%
  • Increase in productivity of 50%
  • Overall increase in profitability by 30%

Automated Warehouse System Design

Numina Group excels at designing and implementing turn-key robotic warehouse systems with advanced technologies proven to slash costs and increase profits. Our automated conveyor solutions support modular processes with quick installation, providing immediate return on investment (ROI). Our industrial engineering expertise results in designs for your warehouse that optimize your operation, and streamline flow to eliminate wasted touches and bottlenecks.

Our warehouse design services include analyzing existing facilities for capacity and expansion needs, retrofits, and accommodating future growth plans. Numina’s experienced automation engineers help companies maximize capacity, practice intelligent space utilization, and eliminate spend on unnecessary capital expenditures.

Automated Warehouse Technologies

Numina partners with you to define requirements and select the automated warehouse technologies that provide maximum return on your investment. Our automated warehouse storage systems reduce labor costs and eliminate inefficiencies. Numina takes into account each customer’s unique warehouse design and layout, and identifies the technologies that will provide maximum benefit to your operation. We do not sell canned solutions.

Advanced technologies that maximize your automated warehouse systems include:

Automated conveyor systems – Numina is experienced with all types of automated conveyors including modular MDR conveyor, accumulation, ZPA- zero pressure accumulation, roller, spiral, belt driven, pallet, heavy duty, line shaft, and many others. We are unbiased in our equipment selections, recommending the best conveyor system for your process independent of the manufacturer.

Voice Picking Systems – Our multimodal voice directed automated warehouse picking requires no pre-recording of the voice to operate and provides a hands-and-eyes-free pick and pack operation that increases productivity, accuracy, enforces uniform work process, and is adapted by temporary workers in minutes.

Print and Apply Labeling – Numina’s print and apply labeling systems provide highest cartons per minute rate in the industry with accurate placement of all shipping labels, packing slips, and compliance labels.

In motion Scan-Weigh-Dimension – Our in-motion systems verifies weight and dimensions to prevent errors, and automate the manifesting process.

Numina Group will define, design and implement fully automated warehouse systems that deliver maximum throughput and cost savings. Our Tier One warehouse control and execution system is proven to reduce costs and increase profits. Contact us today to speak with a warehouse automation expert and learn about the warehouse automation services Numina can provide for you.


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