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Automated Conveyor Systems


Selecting the right automated conveyor system is a very important aspect of your automated warehouse design

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Automated Conveyor Systems from Numina Provide Immediate ROI

Numina Group defines, designs and implements automated conveyor systems optimized for your unique order fulfillment operation.  We are recognized leaders in the warehouse automation industry, specializing in design of material handling solutions that cut costs and reduce labor, resulting in increased operational productivity and profitability.  

Automated Conveyor Systems are the mechanisms to safely and efficiently move product throughout your distribution process.  When designed correctly, automated conveyors are a great technology to efficiently and accurately transport product throughout your order fulfillment operation.

Numina Group has over thirty years of experience in defining, designing and implementing highly profitable automated warehouse systems.  Our automated warehouse solutions provide clients with productivity increases of 50% or more, reduction in labor expenses from 30% to 70%, and increases in accuracy to 99.99%.  

Automated Conveyor System Design

Our high skilled and experienced design team custom designs automated conveyor systems in both computer aided design (CAD) and 3D rendering software.  We create modular solutions matched to your unique process.  Numina Group designs systems that use conveyors as a tool to optimize worker productivity.  Unlike conveyor houses, we will not sell conveyors for the sake of selling more steel.  We define the right equipment, technologies and path flow for your distribution process to ensure optimized throughput.

Numina has experience with the various engineering features for all types of automated conveyors.  Selecting the right automated conveyor system is a very important aspect of your automated warehouse design.

We are experienced with all types of automated conveyors, including:

    • Belt Driven Conveyor
    • 24V MDR Conveyor
    • Daisy Chain Conveyor
    • Narrow Belt Conveyor
    • Chain Driven Conveyor
    • Zero Pressure Accumulation Conveyor
    • Line Shaft Conveyor
    • Roller Conveyor
    • Spiral Conveyor
    • Accumulation Conveyor
    • Overhead Conveyor
    • Conveyor Sortation Systems

Numina always recommends the technology best suited for your operation.  We are independent and unbiased in our recommendation for automated conveyor equipment, and always recommend the manufacturer with the best solution for you. Our conveyor system design consists of a facility wide overview, with detailed attention to custom processes.  

Benefits of Automated Conveyor Systems from Numina

Numina has experience and expertise in developing the best warehouse automation solutions for manufacturers and distribution centers across North America.  We work closely with our clients to design and select the best equipment for your specific requirements.  

Partnering with Numina for your warehouse automation design with automated conveyors provides the following benefits:

    • Maximize capacity to free up floor space and make the most of your available area
    • Reduction in labor and operational expenses
    • Reduction in order fulfillment cycle times
    • Increase in order fulfillment accuracy
    • Increase in overall productivity and profitability
    • Ergonomically designed equipment provides increased worker safety, ergonomics, and satisfaction
    • Modular solutions custom designed for your unique process

Automated conveyor solutions designed and implemented by Numina utilize our superior Warehouse Control and Execution Software, WCS-WES, Real-Time Distribution System, RDS™, which easily integrates with your current WMS or ERP system.  RDS™ is a modular and scalable warehouse control software solution designed to facilitate growth and evolve with your company.  

Powerful and reliable software drives advanced technologies, including Voice Picking systems, Print and Apply Labeling systems, and inline Scan-Weigh-Dimension for automatic and accurate conveyor sortation.  

Numina Group leads the industry with robust Warehouse Control Software driving advanced technologies to deliver increased productivity and profitability.  Our warehouse automation solutions provide dramatic cost reductions with immediate ROI.  Contact us today to speak with an automation specialist and to learn more about our automated conveyor systems.