Automated Kitting Systems

Kitting simplifies and speeds assembly operations. It saves time, reduces floor space and boosts order fulfillment performance. It is essential in many warehousing and distribution center (DC) operations, though it’s also — in many cases — labor-intensive. 

Automated kitting systems reduce costs and increase performance. If you’re not already using an automated kitting system, you’re leaving money on the table. 

The Numina Group provides automated warehouse solutions that save time, floor space, and money. When applied to the kitting process in warehouse or manufacturing operations, these lower costs while boosting pick speed and raising on-time order fulfillment performance.

In our work with industries from pharmaceuticals and automotive to food and beverage, we help clients become leaner and more efficient in their storage and kitting activities. You’ve probably already invested in manufacturing automation solutions — isn’t it time to look at the warehouse?

Picking SKUs

Kitting takes several forms. In warehouses and DCs, kitting means bundling related items as they arrive, and consolidating dissimilar SKUs into individual orders for packing and dispatch. Typically, these kits go into totes that are stored for quick retrieval.

In manufacturing, kitting means pulling the components needed for an assembly. Depending on size, they may go into a tote or bin, or perhaps on a cart or trolley.

In both instances, kitting requires someone to fetch and pick each SKU needed. In the realm of warehouse automation, kitting remains partially manual. That’s because it necessitates speed and dexterity. However, technology makes it faster, more efficient and more accurate.

The Numina Group offers pick-to-light solutions that guide operators in kitting operations. In kitting operations with large numbers of fast-moving SKUs, pick-to-light integrates with warehouse management systems and/or enterprise resource planning systems. LED indicators are at tote locations, sequenced through software to minimize walking and time taken.

Pick-to-light technology works just as well in put-to-light applications. This is where orders require consolidation after kitting. Our put-to-light solution guides operators in where to place totes holding SKU kits.

Benefits of Automated Kitting Systems

Our solutions for kitting operations increase pick rates and productivity. They also improve pick accuracy, which eliminates the disruption and expense of pick errors. In consolidation applications, they reduce mistakes that otherwise lead to wasted time. They can even save space and increase warehouse capacity. 

Kitting Automation and More

You know that automation in the manufacturing industry lowers costs and improves quality. The same applies in warehouses and DCs. The Numina Group helps businesses throughout North America realize these benefits with warehouse automation solutions and omnichannel order fulfillment technology.

Numina’s RDS WES-WCS, our real-time warehouse control and execution system, materials handling solutions, and automated kitting systems will complement your automated manufacturing system. They’ll cut order fulfillment times, increase customer satisfaction and put you in a more competitive position. To speak with a warehouse automation specialist, contact us today.

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