Healthcare Supply Chain

Demand for healthcare supply online sales is increasing

Healthcare Supplies

Supply chain industries are changing the shape of home healthcare. More and more consumers are having their medical supplies shipped directly to their home. While this is a great convenience, getting the right medical product into the right hands is critical when it comes to healthcare supplies, especially with the direct to consumers market. With the increasing demand in healthcare supply online sales, manufacturers must install a more efficient e-com distribution center if they want success. Healthcare supply chain automation facilitates this increase in efficiency. Numina Group can meet your healthcare supplies distribution and automation needs.

Implementing Effective Logistics Solutions

The increase of direct shipping in the medical supply distribution industry has made healthcare supply chain logistics more important than ever, placing a renewed focus on the unique factors that medical products distribution companies must consider. These include:

  • The importance of sanitation, waste management, secure fulfillment, maintenance and other areas that are of paramount importance when medical equipment is involved
  • More time-sensitivity than other industries — in healthcare fulfillment, late delivery is not an option, as a medical device is often critical to the patient’s health
  • Unique packaging and shipping requirements that create a need for fast, accurate labeling with no errors

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Accurate Packing and Labeling Is Essential

For healthcare distribution companies, packing and labeling can present specific difficulties. Fulfillment directly to the patient’s home means that packing must be over 99% accurate, every time, and the proper labeling is paramount. If there is failure in either of these areas, the patient’s health is at risk. In addition to highly accurate labeling and packing, speed is critical. Numina is here to help.

To achieve success, healthcare providers must implement efficient supply chain processes that provide fast order fulfillment results with 99% accuracy and that also cut costs. 

Numina Group offers Real-time Distribution Warehouse Execution and Control Software (RDS™), with the most accurate Voice Picking system in the industry, full product traceability, and weigh and vision audit for quality control.

Additionally, our One-Step-Plus line of print and apply labelers, including our label over label technology, is ideally suited for healthcare supply chain companies requiring a full document printed, folded and securely applied to the outside of the carton. Numina Group designs and implements reliable and efficient healthcare automation solutions for better customer service resulting in increased customer satisfaction.

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