PFI™ Automated Print-Fold-Insert

Print-on-demand, precision placement of documents

Automate Document Insertion with PFI Automated Print-Fold-Insert

PFI Print-Fold-Insert is part of Numina Group’s highly advanced family of document print and insert, and print-and-apply labeling technologies, designed for high-volume, high-performance fulfillment operations.

When integrated into automated packaging lines, our solutions are proven to lower labor costs and increase accuracy and throughput rates across the pick, pack, and ship operation.

PFI Features/Benefits:

PFI combines the industry’s fastest pack sheet laser printer with automated folder/inserter technologies.

PFI performs automated document print-on-demand and precision placement of documents into an open carton or tote. PFI automatically prints, stacks, folds, and inserts up to ten 8.5″ x 11″ packing sheet documents into a shipping carton or tote.

Versatile Printing Options

PFI employs the industry’s fastest on-demand printing technology and supports both single-sided or duplex printing with graphics or customer logos onto blank paper or pre-printed forms. PFI supports a wide variety of carton sizes ranging from 6” L x 4” H x 4” W to 60” L x 30” H x 30” W.


A single PFI system processes 12 to 13 cartons per minute (CPM). Two or three PFIs can be combined into a high-speed pack line to automate 30+ CPM.

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PFI Print-Fold-Insert


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Flexible Configuration and Document Management

Packaging automation lines can be tailored to customer’s specific needs for automating print and insertion of documents such as:

Add-on Automation Options

The PFI line can also include inline vision capture/audit, weight inspection, and semi-automatic or auto-taper sealers. Carton shipment labor can be further streamlined by adding inline scan, weigh, dimensioning and print-and-apply solutions to automate retail label application and UPS/Fed Ex shipping, labeling, and order manifesting.

Choose a Proven, High-Performance Solution

Numina’s PFI solution is a proven automation technology that enhances the product delivery experience, improves quality, lowers labor costs/requirements, and provides higher shipment throughput for omni-channel, ecommerce, and traditional order fulfillment parcel shipment operations.

Our PFI solution has been installed in hundreds of distribution warehouse operations to help our customers streamline fulfillment, reduce labor costs, and gain the scalability to quickly handle surges in order volume.

Additional Numina Solutions

Numina Group can help you derive significant operating efficiencies with these and other warehouse automation technologies.

Numina’s warehouse design services team can also help you evaluate your existing or new facility to determine the optimal layout and types of equipment for your specific fulfillment operations.

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