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Material handling systems that combine cutting edge automation with streamlined processes, resulting in increased throughput and profitability

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Material Handling Systems by Numina Provide Maximum Automation

Numina Group is recognized for our expertise in design and implementation of material handling systems that combine cutting edge automation with streamlined processes, resulting in increased throughput and profitability.   We provide comprehensive solutions that start with optimizing your warehouse layout and design. All of our solutions are powered by RDS™, Real-Time Distribution.  RDS™ is a robust Warehouse Control and Execution System (WCS-WES). RDS™ drives automated technologies and eliminates wasted touches and bottlenecks throughout the warehouse.  Warehouse handling systems designed by Numina balance order fulfillment processes and provide significant cost reduction and increased profitability.

Automated Material Handling Systems Driven with Advanced Technologies

RDS™ warehouse control software by Numina Group does a lot more than drive advanced technologies, it acts like the best manager you ever had, ensuring a streamlined order fulfillment process with accurate results and on-time delivery.  RDS incorporates the following advanced warehouse handling equipment and solutions for total automation of your material handling systems:

Voice Picking System – Our voice directed picking system provides quick set up with no training required, and hands-free voice directed instructions guiding employees through the most optimized pick path.

Print and Apply Labeling – Eliminate excessive manual labor by automating the labeling operation, with fast and accurate placement of all shipping labels, compliance labels, packing slips, and packing sheets.

Print-Fold-Insert Technology – Automatically print, fold, and insert shipping documents into cartons prior to sealing with accuracy and speed.  

Scan-Weigh-Dimension – Numina’s in-motion scanning verifies weight and dimension with visual inspection, and sorts cartons to the proper shipping carrier.

Numina’s automated material handling technologies provide greater employee satisfaction with simple to operate, efficient technologies that automate tedious, repetitive tasks.  All technologies are designed for ergonomic comfort and employee satisfaction, and generate compelling labor savings. 

Benefits of Material Handling Systems from Numina 

When you partner with Numina for your automated material handling system, you will realize several benefits which include:

  • Dramatic increases in productivity and faster order fulfillment
  • More efficient processes and significantly lower operating expenses
  • Modular automated solutions for quick installation that provide immediate ROI
  • Space utilization is maximized by our expert warehouse design team 

Our customers report significant increases in productivity and profitability, reporting an average increase in profits of 30%, reduction in labor costs of 30% to 70%, and an increase in order fulfillment accuracy to 99.99%.  

Contact us today to speak with a knowledgeable engineer about improving your profitability with our automated material handling systems.

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