Factors to Consider when Evaluating Autonomous Mobile Robots and Goods to Person Technology

Jen Maloney
June 7, 2022
How to determine the best AMR for your warehouse

System Integrator Insight: Factors to consider in evaluating AMRs for your Distribution Operation

Numina Group CEO and founder Dan Hanrahan, has over 35 years of experience in the process control and warehouse automation markets. He shared his insights into the rapidly growing use of autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) in warehouse operations and factors to consider in AMR selection at the DC Velocity AMR Forum held at Modex 2022.

“The use of AMRs are posed to grow 4 to 6X over the next 5 years in order fulfillment picking and material movement applications. The next generation of AMRs and robotic Goods to Person, G2P are now available,” said Hanrahan. “As an independent systems integrator, we’ve done a deep dive into the latest technologies so we can educate and advise our clients on the pros and cons and best case use for the various solutions”.

This presentation aims at helping companies better understand their options in this rapidly growing field. For example, how combining multiple technologies, such as AMRs and pick by voice, in zone based batch picking, unites people with AMRs, achieving picking efficiencies that rival the performance of G2P solutions. Hanrahan also outlines the latest productivity boosts next generation robotic G2P systems have incorporated to become a more cost effective alternative to traditional mini-load and capital intense equipment.

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