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Compelling Reasons to Consider Numina’s AMR Batch Picking Solution for Your Warehouse

April 30, 2024

Recognizing the order fulfillment productivity gains achieved with AMRs and other robotic-based goods-to-person (G2P) (GTP) technologies, in 2019, the Numina Group developed the BatchBot™ batch picking software module in its RDS™ Warehouse Execution Software (WES) platform. Batchbot unites AMRs and people to automate and dramatically increase order picking efficiency.

Numina’s RDS AMR BatchBot solution provides workers with mobile wearable computers, wireless headsets, and hands-free barcode scan validation for every critical pick and pack task.

Workers manage their picking tasks alongside AMR mobile robots that hold the picked orders and eliminate the need (and the fatigue) of manually pushing carts. All of these components are synchronized to work together and support seamless warehouse orchestration for all fulfillment tasks. 

By combining voice technology and AMRs, operators’ work tasks are unified across warehouse operations, and productivity is doubled while operators perform at the highest single-touch picking accuracy available.

A Flexible and Cost-Effective Warehouse Technology Investment

Autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) and G2P robotic solutions are fast becoming a go-to automation technology in warehouse order picking due to two key considerations:

  • AMRs offer flexible, rapid deployment deployment options. They can be deployed within existing rack storage aisles.
  • AMRs and other G2P solutions can be configured to work in partnership with people. When combined with pick-by-voice technology, the overall productivity of both people and robots is doubled or tripled.

Advancements in the latest generation robotic-based (G2P) technologies have lowered the investment cost and have made these technologies cost-justifiable for companies of all sizes.

As a result, “The latest generation of AMRs and robotic-based G2P is becoming more justifiable for most sizes of distribution center (DC) operations for picking, moving, and sorting of goods,” said Dan Hanrahan, CEO of the Numina Group.

Benefits of GTP Goods-to-Person (G2P) Automation

From a workflow perspective, AMR and other goods-to-person automation solutions have proven to improve outcomes in multiple warehouse operation areas, including the following:

  • Reduced labor requirements, resulting in lower operational costs and less reliance on seasonal or temporary staff.
  • Faster speed to fulfill orders in the pick-and-pack processes.
  • Increased picking accuracy, especially when combined with voice-picking technology and scan validation.
  • Ability to meet same-day delivery requirements.

AMRs with Large Batch Carts, Because Size Matters in Order Picking

As AMR technology continues to evolve, companies can apply AMRs across a broader range of picking requirements. For example, today’s AMRs can move larger payloads than earlier models. Some models can handle weights of over 2,000 lbs., making way for efficient and cost-justifiable mixed-case to pallet picking.

Large-capacity AMR pick carts can also support picking eaches and full cases on an AMR pick mission at a more efficient level and lower cost than traditional conveyor-based pick modules.

A large-capacity AMR can transport optimized batches of up to 25 orders on the cart.

With Numina’s RDS AMR Batch Picking solution, pick operators are equipped with its latest generation, Victory Voice™ Suite, an advanced pick-by-voice technology that directs picking operators in “Meet Me Mode” by using voice instructions to direct the operator to meet the AMR at the required pick location before the AMRs arrival time.

RDS Victory Voice directs the operator’s movements. It synchronizes with AMR movement simultaneously, resulting in workers and AMR working together faster and more efficiently picking a larger batch of orders.

Higher Picks Per Operator, 99.9% Accuracy

The AMR robots transport the carts to only those zones that require a pick, using the RDS Order Release module to determine the optimal travel path and a selection of orders with like-SKU pick locations assigned to the same cart. 

The RDS-optimized order release pick path eliminates non-valued walking, and the AMR reduces fatigue caused by workers pushing heavy carts throughout the DC.

Results? Productivity increases to 250-to-350-unit picks per operator and hour.

The AMR and pick-by-voice solution is faster and more efficient, with voice and hands-free pick-and-put to scan confirmation to cartons and cart shelf positions to achieve 99.9% picking accuracy.

Reduce Your Technology Investment

Large-capacity AMRs can dramatically reduce your technology investment.

For example, a fleet of 6 to 7 large capacity AMRs can outperform 25 lightweight 250 lb. capacity AMRs in order picking.

AMR Highlights:

  • Transport, move, and pick 25+ orders in an optimized travel trip.
  • AMRs with large carts and/or pallet movers have a capacity of 2,200 lbs.
  • Cube and load capacity are optimized by RDS’s order picking suite in both each picking and mixed case pick to pallet AMR pick missions.
  • Higher pick density increases picking productivity per AMR and worker picks per hour in piece-picking and case-picking applications.
  • After the last pick, the AMR delivers the cart of orders picked to cartons and cases to an open pack station or induction to a SLAM+ pack sheet insert, auto-void insert taper sealer, and scan-label auto-manifesting, labor-free packing solution.

Which G2P is Best for Your Organization?

Today, companies can choose from hundreds of warehouse robotic technologies and options to implement an AMR or other goods-to-person solution. The best approach is to engage a knowledgeable warehouse automation partner such as the Numina Group and take a design-first approach to determine which GTP Solution best suits your warehouse operation.

If your product profile is a good fit for a G2P system, the next step is to evaluate the available options and compare the pros and cons of the various technologies to determine which is best for your mix of products, picking, and storage needs. The results should be documented in a warehouse automation design plan to ensure successful project results.

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The Numina Group will work closely with your company to review, compare, and select the right blend of conveyors, AMRs, and G2P automation technologies to find the best technology to optimize your order fulfillment operations.

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