Autonomous Mobile Robot – AMR

Autonomous Mobile Robot or AMR

Autonomous mobile robots or AMRs, a type of automated guided vehicle, are a small self-powered robot equipped with navigation aids and sensors that can move independently through a warehouse, distribution center, or other industrial environments.

In warehouse operations, AMRs can be integrated with other material handling technologies, such as order release planning software, voice picking technology, and hands-free mobile computers, and synchronized to work alongside employees to improve productivity, increase throughput, and relieve workers of strenuous and repetitive tasks.

When deployed in order fulfillment operations, AMR robot work tasks are guided by a warehouse execution system, such as Numina Group’s WEC-WCS platform. Today’s autonomous mobile robots offer excellent benefits with deployed as a goods-to-person (G2P) solution.  Autonomous mobile robots are adaptable to a wide range of warehouse environments for picking, packing and shipping, particularly when integrated with a flexible warehouse execution system.

What is a Warehouse Execution System (WES)?

The WES system applies sophisticated logic to optimize the release of orders into the most efficient pick path to reduce worker travel time and eliminate redundant work. It releases optimized picking lists to warehouse workers, who move from location to location to pick items. As picking tasks are complete, they are validated by the picker and updated in the WES.

AMRs + WES Software – Efficiency and Cost-Saving Benefits

Autonomous mobile robots can be integrated with the WES system and synchronized to move alongside employees serving as a collection point to hold picked items and orders. When they reach maximum capacity or the completion of picking tasks, they can also move independently to bring picked orders to packing stations and wait to be assigned to the next picking wave.

An onboard computer on the AMR steers it through warehouse operations to the destination dictated by the WES system cameras, and/or LIDAR sensors scan the path ahead, continuously detecting and reacting to hazards, obstacles, and people as needed.

AMRs make excellent warehouse robots that boost efficiency by automatically following the most efficient pick paths, eliminating unnecessary walking for employees, and doing the “heavy lifting” of moving heavy products from pick locations to consolidation or packaging points.

Added Efficiency with Voice-Directed Technology

The benefits of autonomous mobile robots are magnified when combined with voice technology and mobile scanning to direct and validate workers’ activities. They can be configured to handle a wide range of order-picking scenarios, such as discrete order, manual batch cart picking, and pick-to-pallet processes. All picking processes can operate simultaneously in cooperation with AMR technologies.

For example, Numina’s RDS™ Batchbot™ solution combines warehouse automation software with voice-picking technology and autonomous mobile robots as batch pick carts, uniting people and robots working as guided vehicles to reduce labor costs and increase productivity.

Selecting the Right Autonomous Mobile Robots for Your Operation

If you’re interested in learning about options in autonomous mobile robots and other warehouse automation solutions, the Numina Group can help. As a leading warehouse automation design consultant, software developer and independent systems integrator, Numina Group has over 35 years of experience defining, designing, and implementing highly profitable automated warehouse systems.

Our automated warehouse solutions enable companies to increase productivity by 50% or more, reduce labor costs by 30% to 70%, and increase order accuracy to 99.9%.

We offer consultative warehouse design services to identify the right lean processes for your operations. We help you turn your design into reality by combining the power of RDS™ WCS-WES, our real-time warehouse control and execution software with cutting-edge material handling technologies.

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