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Automatic Pack Sheet Applicator

One-Step-Plus™ Pack Sheet-Ship Label Automation

Automating the application of the 8.5” x 11” packing sheet and shipping label with the latest advancement in print and apply labeling technology can be a great performance boost in a DC’s pack and ship operation. One-Step-Plus™ is an integrated in-line conveyor automation system that labels and manifests parcel shipments, eliminating manual hand application of the pack sheet and shipping label.

It includes complete barcode scan validation of each step to ensure the highest accuracy and eliminates customer complaints about a shipment arriving without the proper paperwork again.  The technology prints and secures a full pack sheet directly to a mix of carton sizes.


  1. Includes the conveyor, automation component, software and controls for a turn-key pack and ship solution for the entire document and manifesting process
  2. Print, folds and tucks a full 8.5” x 11” dual sided packing sheet under an easily identified and removable label

One-Step-Plus™ in-line scan, weigh, and print and apply labeling automates the application or insertion of compliance labels, shipping labels and packing documentation for UPS, FedEx, USPS. The system fully validates the process to assure the packing sheet correctly matches the order and is securely placed under the removable shipping label. The system eliminates manual labor and increases throughput in the pack and ship area by performing the equivalent work of operators at 6-8 manual manifesting workstations.

One-Step-Plus™ prints single or duplex sided, with graphics, customer logos, and terms and conditions in less than three seconds per side. This is the industry’s fastest, on demand, high resolution print technology available to auto apply the pack sheet!

One-Step-Plus™ Process Improvements

pack slip automation systems

  • Eliminate Labor by Ditching the Plastic Pouch
  • Automate Packing, Shipping, and Manifesting Process with technology that easily integrates with existing or new conveyors, void fill, and tapers
  • Automated in-line Scan, Weigh, Dimensioning, and Print and Apply Order Documents, Shipping, Hazardous Warning, and SCC Compliance Labels
  • Process a Wide Variety of Sizes from Flats to Cartons Ranging up to 32″ Heights
  • Print, Fold, and Tuck an 8.5″ x 11″ Packing Sheet under the Shipping Label
  • Cut 35 to 50 seconds from Every Order Shipment
  • Ideal for 3PL, B to B, and Internet Order Fulfillment Applications

Learn more about how you can take 35-50 seconds of labor out of every order shipment by Downloading the Complete One-Step-Plus™ Datasheet.

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