How to Automate Pack and Ship Labeling Operations

Jennifer Maloney
February 20, 2020

Pack and ship automation is a top consideration when investigating ways to modernize and optimize order flow in a DC. When comparing your options, it is critical to invest in a solution that includes the right mix of automation technologies – including automatic weight and vision audit, carton dimension measurement software, and technology to automatically print and apply packing sheets and shipping labels. 

As leaders in warehouse automation solutions, Numina Group’s automated warehouse systems focus on process improvements and automation that streamline the entire pick, pack, and ship operation.

Automated Labeling Systems Increase Efficiency and Profitability

Manual labeling is expensive, inefficient, and error prone, resulting in:

  • Mislabeled Products – When labels are applied manually, human error becomes a risk, which can result in shipping the wrong product, shipping to the incorrect location, and lost inventory.

  • Delayed Shipments – Manual labeling processes take time, and in the age of same day delivery, time is money. As more customers expect fast delivery, slower processing speeds cause operations to miss carrier cut-off times. This can adversely affect your profit margin with cost overruns and eliminate your competitive edge because customers will opt for your competitors.

  • Employee Turnover – Repetitive, boring work tasks such as placing cartons on a scale, hand scanning, or keying data to print a label and place it on a box is boring. Repetitive tasks contribute to employee mistakes. A single shipment error can cost over $250 or more to correct and can result in a lost customer.

When you eliminate repetitive tasks and error proof the labeling process, you can redirect your workforce to concentrate on other more important - and rewarding - tasks that keep them engaged and expand their skill sets.


Numina’s family of advanced automatic print-and-apply labeling solutions maximize order throughput to lower labor costs and increase operational efficiency. Our flexible, scalable print and apply labeling solutions are used in both manufacturing and warehousing facilities to automate the application of product identification, retail and e-commerce compliance, carton content, packing slips, and shipping labels.

Medical product shipments, B2B, and many e-com B2C order fulfillment operation’s parcel shipments require both a packing sheet, shipping label, and customer specific label applied to the outside of full case and re-packed cartons. The labeling and carrier manifesting tasks when performed manually at a manifesting workstation requires the operator to:

  1. Hand scan the order identifier barcode

  2. Weigh, capture and enter the carton dimensions

  3. Print the packing sheet

  4. Fold the packing sheet

  5. Place the document into a plastic pouch

  6. Apply both the pack sheet pouch and the shipping label(s)

In a manual operation, the best operators can only process 1 to 2 cartons per minute. Replacing the above manual operation with a Numina Group in-motion high speed print and apply labeling conveyor line automates the scan-weigh dimensioning and application of the pack sheet or a removable packing slip and shipping label. 

In comparison, a print-and-apply labeling system can eliminate the cost of 4 to 5 operators per shift, saving $28,000 to $30,000 a year per employee.

Get efficient and investigate the advantages of automated print and apply labeling – managed by Numina Group’s RDS™ software platform. Our family of print and apply labeling systems are designed to meet the most demanding applications and are tailored to specific labeling requirements.

Check out our X-Press PAL™, One-Step™, and One-Step Plus™ labeling solutions that:

  • Eliminate manual labor

  • Increase shipments for higher distribution efficiency

  • Eliminate costly shipping errors

  • Get a rapid ROI

Numina’s RDS™ WES-WCS Real-time Distribution Software is a modular and scalable Tier 1 Warehouse Execution and Control System that includes a complete family of order fulfillment automation modules to control and manage material handling and warehouse automation technologies that streamline the pick, pack, and ship order fulfillment operation.

Increase operation accuracy and profitability by investing in an efficient automated labeling solution. Speak with one of our warehouse automation specialists and discover the advantages of pack and ship automation on your business’ bottom line.

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