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Save Money with Advanced Cartonization Software

March 6, 2023

Warehouse managers know the high costs associated with the order packing process, especially if employees manually choose shipping cartons for every order. It is time-consuming, costly, error-prone, and often results in unexpected shipping charges. 

One way to save time and reduce warehouse operational and labor costs is to add cartonization software to your operations. Cartonization software automatically selects the most efficient carton size to minimize unused space, lower void fill costs, and ensure the order is packed to take advantage of the lowest possible shipping rates.  

Video: Hear a Warehouse Production Manager Talk About the Benefits Achieved with Numina Cartonization Software

However, to achieve maximum savings, choosing the right cartonization software for your warehouse operations is critical. As you explore your options, keep these factors in mind.   

Algorithms – Which is Better and Why? 

The most important factor in choosing cartonization software is determining its algorithm and how well it can accommodate all your order packing scenarios. Here are algorithm options to consider:  

Type I: Liquid Fill or LxWxH  

Most cartonization software solutions are based on a “Length x Width x Height” algorithm, the same formula to calculate the volume of a liquid space. The software uses this calculated value to choose the carton size for an order. When used alone, this works well when you’re filling up a water jug but not when shipping packages. 

Many warehouse management systems (WMS) use this algorithm in their cartonization software simply because it’s the easiest to calculate. However, this approach does not allow for additional factors such as extreme dimensions or the irregularity of items. Orders with extreme dimensions become exceptions and require repacking, further adding to time and labor costs.  

Type II: Trapezoidal Algorithms 

Trapezoidal algorithms offer advanced logic that goes beyond the LxWxH calculation to factor in extreme dimensions such as nesting factors, the compressibility of items, specialty rules for packing fragile items, and more.  

As a result, the software can accurately choose the perfect fitting carton for an order – for a much higher percentage of orders – dramatically reducing the number of exceptions and repacks that otherwise occur. When paired with advanced order release software, operators can pick items directly to cartons, rather than totes, to save time and eliminate steps in the process. 

The Numina Group has built its RDS Cartonization software with this advanced algorithm and added other configurable options to enable companies to accommodate a wider range of packing requirements.   

Numina Group clients realize carton fill rates of over 90% because of its patented approach, as compared to 60% to 70% fill rates typical of other solutions. 

The Combined Power of Cartonization Software + Order Release Software 

Cartonization software offers savings benefits by optimizing and automating decisions made around the actual packing of an order into the ideal carton size. Numina’s RDS Cartonization software eliminates manual decision-making by directing the workers to choose the recommended package type. It also optimizes the process by eliminating interruptions and ensuring 100% compliance with the lowest-cost shipping rules.  

However, Numina’s RDS Cartonization software combined with the RDS Order Release software, yields further savings through efficiency gains on the operations floor.  

When these solutions are integrated, the system not only recommends package type, it also analyzes the order release plan to create the most efficient picking process and path. For example: 

  • The order release software will organize picking so that operators pick items for several orders from a zone rather than picking just one order at a time. The picking path is also optimized to reduce unnecessary steps, reduce labor, and shorten pick times.

    Video: Customer Green Rabbit Shows RDS Order Release Software in Action 

  • The order release software will also analyze and balance the workload across all the pack and ship stations to keep orders moving. Suppose the operation includes multiple packing stations to accommodate different pack requirements. In that case, it will perform load balancing to keep all stations active and prevent overloading or idle time at any specific station. 

Watch Numina’s Order Release Video 

How do the Savings Add Up? 

With 35+ years in the industry, Numina Group can share many examples of optimizing order packing processes to reduce labor, increase productivity, and increase profitability.  

Here are just a few ways we’ve helped companies: 

  • $800,000 in Savings/Year: For one client, the shipping cost savings gained by moving to a polybag was $4.00 per order in reduced materials and shipping costs. Based on a daily order volume of 4,000 packages a day, 800 more orders are shipped in polybags, resulting in savings of $3,200 a day for a yearly savings of over $800,000! 
  • $60,000 to $100,000 in Savings for Mid-Sized Company: Even if a company ships only 500 orders per day, automated shipping container selection optimization results in reduced labor time, less void material, and lower corrugate costs, which quickly add up to savings between $60,000 to $100,000 per year. 
  • 48% Increase in Productivity: Our client, Premier Needle Arts, increased order fulfillment productivity by 48% and order accuracy to 99.9% by combining Numina’s RDS Cartonization, RDS Order Release, and Pakt. Download the Premier Needle Arts case study. 

Complimentary Demonstration 

To learn more, contact us to speak with a warehouse automation specialist and arrange a complimentary consultation. 

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