Case Study: PNA Ships More Ecommerce Orders with Less Staff

Premier Needle Arts PNA Doubles Ecommerce Order Throughput Capabilities and Lowers Labor Costs with Numina Group’s RDS™ WES-WCS Warehouse Automation

Premier Needles Arts (PNA) supplies products to millions of passionate enthusiasts in the knitting, crocheting, and sewing communities around the world. Its six brands are sold via its own e-commerce sites, Amazon, and select partners.


Early in 2020, e-commerce sales surged, surpassing PNA’s ability to keep up with growing daily order demand. As volumes spiked, PNA incurred more overtime and had to rely more on temporary labor while the COVID-19 pandemic further fueled E-com sales growth.

With capacity stretched to the maximum and PNA’s annual peak shipping season looming in just five months, PNA knew it needed a warehouse automation solution to support its e-commerce growth.


PNA selected the Numina Group for its warehouse design and automation expertise, and its feature-rich Real-time Distribution Software, RDS™ WES-WCS software platform.


With Numina’s design expertise and RDS WES-WCS, PNA has dramatically increased efficiency and lowered its cost to fulfill orders. PNA now has an automated warehouse system that:

“Comparing last year to this year, we’ve gained a 48% increase in outbound efficiency, even while we had a 33% increase of individual items in each of those quarters,” said Mark Hyland, PNA’s CEO. “So, we were picking 33% more, but we were getting out 48% more compared to the previous year.”

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Download the full case study to learn how PNA has optimized its picking, packing and shipping operations by collaborating with the Numina Group and its RDS warehouse automation system.

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