Case Erectors

Automatic Case Erector Machine

Although a case erector performs a relatively simple function, it is nonetheless a crucial component of an automated packaging line. Case erectors enhance the order fulfillment process by assembling boxes quickly, efficiently, and consistently, freeing up staff for other tasks.

What is a Case or Carton Erector?

Also known as a box erector or carton erector, a case erector does what its name suggests. Folded boxes are loaded into the machine, which erects them one at a time. This ensures the bottom of each carton is perfectly square. Many case erectors also seal the bottom automatically, so the finished case is ready to be packed.

The Numina Group offers a wide selection of case and carton erector machines that can be integrated into new or existing facilities. Our experience in designing and executing the perfect systems for warehouse environments gives us the know-how to incorporate this technology seamlessly.

The Benefits of Case Erectors

Case erectors can reduce overhead and contribute to the protection of products. Benefits include:

Numina’s Case Erector Machine Options

Our lineup of case erectors includes a diverse selection to fit virtually any warehouse environment. They include:

Integration-Ready with all Numina Warehouse Automation Solutions

Numina Group incorporates box erectors into our high-performance automated warehouse systems, including print-and-apply labeling systems, automatic print-fold-insert systems, and scan-weigh-dimension systems to ensure orders are fulfilled accurately with the most effective packaging.

When included as an element of our complete integrated systems, case erectors help streamline packing and shipping.

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