Warehouse Automation For
HVAC And Plumbing Industries

It’s no secret that — reflecting the importance of running water and effective heating and cooling — the plumbing and HVAC supplies industries in the U.S. are essential.

That means vast quantities of piping, ducting and fittings move through the plumbing and HVAC supply chain within homes and businesses, and even construction contractors, every day. It also means there’s a hugely complex distribution system in need of warehouse automation for HVAC and plumbing supplies.

When Accuracy and Speed Matter

From toilets and tubs to washers and elbows, there’s immense product diversity in every plumbing and HVAC warehouse and distribution operation. Many customer orders have high SKU counts. Maximizing productivity means every order must be picked quickly and accurately. 

Accuracy is key to customer satisfaction in plumbing and HVAC warehouse and distribution operations. One wrong part in an order can delay a job and cost the plumber or installer time and money. Technology that minimizes picking mistakes will help keep customers happy while providing you with a rapid ROI. 

Order picking speed drives profitability. Warehouse automation for plumbing and HVAC manufacturers and distributors delivers more picks per hour. That’s higher productivity and lower costs. It can even boost employee retention by reducing fatigue, which saves on recruitment and training. 

Warehouse Automation Solutions

The Numina Group has distribution, warehousing and automation solutions engineered to meet the needs of plumbing and HVAC manufacturers, distributors, and even retailers. These range from warehouse automation software to picking solutions, conveyor technology and high-speed sortation. We also offer warehouse design services to help determine the optimum solution to every warehousing need.

Doing the Heavy — and Frequent — Lifting

We offer solutions to the picking, handling, labeling and sorting challenges faced by the plumbing and HVAC supplies industries. Our warehouse automation products reduce the walking, lifting and carrying required while guiding picking and facilitating label printing and application. With warehouse automation solutions from the Numina Group, your employees spend more time satisfying customer orders and less time moving around the building.

Eliminate Picking Errors

Instead of having to choose between speed and accuracy, Numina’s Pick-to-Light system lets you have both. Ideal for plumbing and HVAC parts warehouses, where many SKUs can look alike, this guides operators to pick and kit quickly and accurately. Pick accuracy with our pick-to-light technology is 99.97%.

Automation Services for Plumbing Industry Manufacturers and Distributors

As a top-tier designer and integrator of warehouse automation, we understand the challenges of storing, picking and kitting in high-SKU environments. Our warehouse automation solutions are engineered to handle complexity while boosting productivity and maximizing order fulfillment accuracy. 

For those in HVAC, automation of warehouse operations can save space and cut costs. Our specialists can guide you through our portfolio of solutions and find ways of optimizing space and manpower you may have never considered.

Want to improve warehouse performance? We have the tools you need. Contact us today to learn more.

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