Electronics Material Handling

Technology drives practically every aspect of our modern lives, and the demand for electronics has never been greater. Meeting the challenges of the supply chain in this industry calls for technological solutions. 

Fortunately, the Numina Group is a leading provider of distribution, warehousing and automation equipment to streamline consumer electronic handling. Our solutions help manufacturers and distributors accelerate their operations, even considering the sensitive and delicate nature of many electronic components and products.

Significant Benefits for the Electronics Industry

Numina Group’s warehouse automation solutions deliver real advantages for the electronics supply chain. For example, our print-and-apply labeling systems expedite fulfillment by processing thousands of cartons per hour with consistent accuracy. 

Through the use of advanced real-time software and scanning as well as cutting-edge measurement and label application tech, these systems can be counted on to deliver reliable service even under the rigors of a 24/7 distribution operation.

When it comes to kitting and order fulfillment, Numina’s pick-to-light systems ensure the most accurate processes. These can be applied to virtually any shelving or rack storage solution. 

At a glance, the message displays and indicator lights tell the operator the required quantities of parts or items to be picked. With hands-free scanning and paperless operation, pick-to-light significantly reduces human error and boosts productivity even in high-density applications. 

Numina Group is a leader in voice-directed picking systems, and our RDS Voice™ system can create huge improvements throughout your facility. With its capability to operate in even the noisiest industrial environments and requiring no operator training, this technology increases order picking and fulfillment. Our system can be combined with many of our other automation technologies.

To drive improvements throughout an entire facility, our warehouse design services take a holistic approach. Our consultants look closely at your existing facilities and put together a thorough assessment of the available space. 

From there, we identify any areas in need of improvement and suggest an optimized layout to address them. We work closely with you to develop a warehouse design plan to maximize space utilization and select and integrate automation solutions that return the best results. Our warehouse automation solution will help you reduce touches, decrease labor costs and improve revenue.

All of these options can be integrated into our robust warehouse execution and control software platform, the Real-Time Distribution System (RDS™). This is a complete family of predeveloped application control modules that can integrate seamlessly with your existing ERP or WMS. Our engineers have designed order fulfillment systems that function with high-speed, near-total accuracy and exceptional reliability.

Choose to Work With the Leaders

With more than 35 years of experience in warehouse and automation technologies, The Numina Group is uniquely positioned to help the electronics industry meet its goals. From picking to packaging to comprehensive controls, we deliver the most effective solutions for a variety of needs. 

To learn more about what we can do for your electronic products or parts handling, reach out to us today.

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