Garment Industry Material
Handling Systems

The garment industry has never had as wide a reach as it does today. Customers continue to shop at brick-and-mortar retailers and also shop online from the comfort of their own homes. If a size or style is out of stock at a department store, customers can simply log on to find the item elsewhere. 

Managing spikes in garment industry online orders requires a strong omni-channel fulfillment strategy. One of the most challenging elements for an omnichannel or a B2B distribution operation is the growth in shipping a larger percentage of parcel orders. 

To accommodate parcel orders and retain satisfied customers, focus on lean, low touch, efficient processes to manage pick, pack and ship e-com orders. Material handling systems in the garment industry have to be prepared for this challenge.

The Numina Group is here to assist you, with a comprehensive array of warehousing, distribution and automation solutions that meet the demands of the clothing industry.

 With hundreds of billions spent on apparel and footwear each year in the United States alone, we aim to help this sector stay in step with consumers.

Enhancing Efficiency and Speed

Numina Group’s footwear and apparel warehouse solutions can enable operations to work faster, gain flexibility and fulfill orders more rapidly than ever. 

All of our products work with our robust warehouse execution and control software platform, the Real-Time Distribution System (RDS™). With this collection of predeveloped application control modules, you can seamlessly integrate our operations into your current ERP or WMS.

Our complete warehouse design services equip you to reshape an entire facility so it offers the maximum levels of performance and better serves the customer base. 

We examine every aspect of existing layouts and identify any areas where our apparel warehouse management systems can be applied. 

We develop an optimized plan that uses the most advanced automation in the fashion industry to reduce or eliminate trouble spots. As a result, you’ll ship more orders with fewer touches, reduce labor costs and improve profitability. 

Trust Our Expertise

With more than three decades of years of experience in the warehouse automation and material handling technology industry, no one knows as much about warehouse solutions as the Numina Group. 

We are the leaders in this market because we bring the highest level of expertise and never stop thinking about how to solve our customers’ problems. We live on the cutting edge of technology and strive to integrate it into everything we do. 

Simply put, we are positioned to bring the best ideas and equipment to your property. To learn more about our systems, contact us today.

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