Book Order Fulfillment

The e-commerce revolution began with an online bookstore, so it makes sense that books remain one of the cornerstones of the industry. However, that doesn’t mean the distribution of the printed word has shifted entirely to the digital realm. Bookstores, department stores, libraries and schools all continue to rely on the supply chain of warehouses and fulfillment centers to store inventory and ship orders.

As a leader in the warehousing, distribution and automation industries, the Numina Group provides a variety of solutions for book order fulfillment. By applying our advanced technologies and comprehensive expertise, numerous companies within this space have overcome their challenges and built more efficient and effective networks to serve customers.

Building a Better Supply Chain

Numina’s book order fulfillment material handling solutions are based on the proven technology and experience we have gained over the past three decades. 

We understand that the expectations customers have today have never been higher, and that means publishers, distributors and retailers have to enhance their operations to live up to them. 

We provide the warehouse automation solutions needed to accomplish this through our complete approach to facility improvement and fully integrated software platforms.

For example, we can drive improvements throughout an entire facility from the ground up through our warehouse design services. The team of experts we have on call takes a close look at the current layout and identifies any potential trouble spots. 

Based on this assessment, we suggest a warehouse layout that is developed specifically to streamline operations and enhance efficiency. Thanks to our know-how and tech, we can develop a plan that incorporates automation and maximizes the effectiveness of the existing footprint. With our help, operators and owners can reduce touches, reduce labor costs and boost revenue.

Every solution we supply can be integrated into our robust warehouse execution and control software platform. The Real-Time Distribution System (RDS™) is a collection of predeveloped application control modules that can fit seamlessly into a book distribution center’s existing ERP or WMS. With this system in place, book orders can be fulfilled with greater speed, near-total accuracy and exceptional reliability.

Turn the Page on Inefficiency

Because we are the experts on material handling solutions, there’s no one better suited for overhauling an existing book distribution operation. Our long history in the industry means we have the knowledge to optimize virtually any type of supply chain. 

Get in touch today to learn more about what we can do to help you accomplish your goals.

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