How Numina Group’s Automated WES-WCS Empowers Your Operations

Jennifer Maloney
February 14, 2020

Order fulfillment labor costs are the largest cost in an e-commerce operation. In order to remain profitable, it is imperative to keep these costs in check.

We are committed to developing and delivering solutions that lower our clients’ cost per order goals. Numina Group empowers more productive distribution operations with optimized processes and automation technologies enforced and managed by real-time warehouse software that executes more efficient operations.

Transparency. Accuracy. Efficiency – This is the Advantage of RDS™ WES-WCS

For over 30 years, the engineers and software team at The Numina Group have gained the expertise to define and apply better distribution practices to increase several key performance indicators across pick, pack, and ship operations. Our expertise enables us to provide solutions tailored to the order fulfillment operation requirements with measurable performance improvements that meet or exceed our customer’s goals. Numina Group’s Real-time Distribution Software (RDS™), the industry’s most complete Tier 1 Warehouse Control and Execution System (WES-WCS), is a key component of the improved performance achieved by our customers.

RDS™ is a modular, scalable WES-WCS that includes all of the tools needed by your business to integrate pick, pack, and ship automation into more efficient and profitable ecommerce solutions. It integrates with any warehouse management system (WMS) or enterprise resource planning system (ERP), bridging the gap between your order entry, resource planning and order fulfillment technologies. RDS™ operates with real-time (sub-millisecond) multi-function control to execute tasks and business rules with automated material handling equipment. 

Versatile in nature, RDS™ can enhance multiple DC operations, including:

  • Optimize work paths – Prioritize and release orders efficiently to optimize work travel paths while ensuring orders are complete based on the carrier pick-up time.  One of the most effective ways to lower operational costs is to reduce worker travel time, which accounts for over half your workforce’s day. Integrating voice-picking technology and hands-free data capture, RDS™ can reduce over a third of labor costs by minimizing unnecessary walk time.  
  • Tracking and reporting SKU velocity – Let your WES-WCS indicate when it’s time for re-profiling.  Re-profiling should be done every other month to determine if anything in a B position should be moved to an A location based on seasonality of a given product.
  • Cartonization logic – Save money by minimizing shipping container costs and time spent packing with cartonization logic.  Cartonization logic determines the right box upfront to utilize the most cube space and use less void fill, keeping shipping costs down.  Cartonization logic also directs operators to pick into the shipping carton, which removes the repacking step.
  • Batch cart picking – Take productivity a step further by picking 10 or more orders at the same time directly to the shipping cartons, providing a 40-50% speed gain.

The above modules are a handful of the RDS™ automation modules available. RDS™ holds the potential to streamline operations, manage picking, packing, material handling, and conveyor systems for consistently higher operational throughput and productivity. The software includes data capture tools to view and report operational labor and order detail. Let Numina Group show you how automating your distribution operations will improve throughput, accuracy, and increase profitability. Contact our warehousing experts today.

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