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Key Automation For Omnichannel Ecommerce Order Fulfillment Solutions

Customers are rapidly migrating to online order placement of goods for B2C or store pick-up. Customers have become accustomed to having their online goods delivered within a day or two. Companies are finding that in order to compete, they must invest in automation for omnichannel ecommerce fulfillment solutions. As a result, companies that provide their own…


Automation Off-sets Warehousing Labor Shortage

Unemployment recently hit a 10 year low, sending a wake-up call that companies need to invest in technology to increase productivity in warehousing and distribution operations! The US Job Market added more jobs than expected, lowering the US Unemployment rate to a 10-year low. The latest report shows the addition of 138,000 jobs with the…


Voice Directed Order Fulfillment Automation for Frozen Food Fulfillment

Success Story Founded over 100 years ago, Neesvig’s is privately held meat processing and food fulfillment firm that specializes in temperature controlled and frozen food fulfilment. They distribute products nationwide as a one-stop shop for e-com direct to consumer deliveries. Acting as a third party logistics service provider for dozens of top brand food suppliers and retailers,…


Value Stream Mapping

Eliminate Waste in your Order Fulfillment Operation with Value Stream Mapping In an earlier post, we discussed how upfront planning to define the right DC design road map can lead to free warehouse automation thanks to a rapid ROI generating significant cost savings. Studies show that best-in-class companies that emphasize continuous improvement, invest in value…


How Mechatronics Shows the Path to Higher Productivity in Order Fulfillment Automation

Far too often, distribution operations compartmentalize areas and direct managers to focus on solving daily operational issues and requirements in specific departments within the distribution center (DC). However, a more effective approach is to combine higher accuracy and more efficient design driven with technologies such as pick-to-voice, and then combine better picking with pack


How Warehouse Automation Helps Retain Good Employees

How to Retain Key Warehouse Staff in a Tight Labor Market Crain’s of Chicago recently announced that Amazon will be opening a second distribution center (DC) in Joliet, IL, bringing 2,000 new jobs to the area. In addition to Amazon, Whirlpool, Michelin North America, and IKEA are also opening or planning to open large warehouses…


How the Right DC Roadmap Can Lead to Free Warehouse Automation

Companies today are grappling with major challenges in their quest to maintain a competitive edge. Trends such as the explosion of e-commerce, lower levels of business on-hand inventory, retailers becoming e-tailers, and the demand for same-day deliveries are all placing tremendous pressure on business operations to keep up. The need for accurate, on-time order fulfillment…


A Top Tier WCS Increases Productivity in Omni-Channel Distribution

Many times complex order fulfillment automation goes beyond just adding voice to a DC, it requires a software platform to manage order release balancing to optimize the entire pick, pack, and ship order fulfillment operation. This is the domain of a top tier Warehouse Control and Execution System, (WCS) that includes software to balance and…


Why Speaker Independent Voice is the Right Choice for your D.C.

Picking can be the most labor-intensive activity in omni-channel e-commerce order fulfillment operations, especially piece picking operations. Orders requiring rules like a specific package, color, accessory, promotional item, document, or gift wrapping benefit the most from voice technology because it directs and instructs operators on the required shipment and packing rules. Voice is highly flexible…

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