Modex 2020 is Here – What to Expect

Jennifer Maloney
March 2, 2020

As a leading material handling and order fulfillment automation integrator, Numina Group has been designing and implementing more efficient distribution centers that provide clients more profitable operations for over 30 years.

A warehouse automation design with leaner processes enforced with the right blend of automation technologies streamlines the entire order fulfillment operation to lower labor costs, increase accuracy and order throughput, and provide higher customer satisfaction.

Join The Numina Group at Modex 2020 and learn more about RDS Pick By Voice.

We’re excited to invite you to join us at Modex 2020 Booth #7006 to discover how we blend pick, pack, and ship automation that together drives the greatest gains in DC profitability, such as:

RDS™ Pick by Voice

RDS Voice requires zero voice training for fast, efficient, and simple to use voice commands/responses combined with hands-free Zebra RS5100 camera-based scanners for SKU and Lot capture to optimize order picking. RDS Voice includes several pre-developed picking processes that optimize batch picking to reduce unnecessary touches and travel times.

Auto Print Fold Insert (PFI)

Eliminating costly bottlenecks, PFI automatically prints and inserts one to seven 8.5″ x 11″ packing sheets into different types of carton sizes. By reducing repetitive manual tasks, PFI optimizes labor efforts, cutting nearly 30 seconds or more from every shipment process and freeing up operators to focus on other critical tasks.

One Step Plus™

Reducing as much as 45 seconds per carton from shipping operations, One Step Plus™ applies an 8.5” x 11” pack sheet under a removable shipping label with speed and ease. The system is best suited for high volume e-commerce and B2B operations that require a full packing sheet on the outside of the carton.

X-Press PAL™

This feature auto applies one or more 4” x 6” pack slips under a removable 6” x 8” shipping label. X-Press Pal pack and ship automation includes inline scan, weigh, the dimension with automatic application of packing slips and shipping labels. X-Press Pal provides a flexible, scalable solution to automate packing slips, compliance, carton content, and shipping labels.

Put-to-Light Order Consolidation

Boost zone picking order consolidation productivity by 40-50% by using a sort by light put-to-light operation. Put Walls direct packing from picks throughout a multi-zone distribution center. Put-to-Light Order Consolidation is essentially a pack shelf location with an intelligent display to guild the operators to pack orders faster and more accurately.

Accelerate the performance in your order fulfillment while boosting accuracy and throughput in pick, pack, and ship rates, Numina Group’s Real-Time Distribution System (RDS™) Order Fulfillment Suite powers the entire solution.

We provide feature-rich, industry-leading Warehouse Execution Control System (WES-WCS) that easily bolts-on more efficient automated practices to an existing ERP/WMS for improved performance to breathe new life into an existing operation.

Numina Group is ready to show you a range of efficient automation scalable for mid-size to large DC applications. Catch a glimpse of our automation solutions at Modex and contact us for a demonstration. Stop by and discover our full range of services and technologies at the Modex Show Booth #7006.

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