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Warehouse Control System


Real-Time Distribution, RDS™, warehouse control software is a key tool for achieving process improvements and will result in a fast ROI

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Warehouse Control System by Numina Group Outperforms the Competition

Numina Group’s RDS™ is the leading Tier One warehouse control system for Distribution Centers and shipping operations across North America. Numina has more than 30 years of experience designing, defining, and implementing automated conveyor solutions for E-Commerce, Third-Party Logistics, Manufacturers, Retail, Medical, Pharmaceutical, B to B, B to C, Omni-Channel Fulfillment, and many more markets and industries.

Numina partners with our clients to provide industry know-how from a team of experienced professionals, with in-depth knowledge of advanced warehouse automation technologies. Our Real-Time Distribution, RDS™, warehouse execution and control system software is a key tool for achieving process improvements and will result in a fast ROI (return on investment). RDS™ includes a full family of flexible and scalable pre-developed automation modules that are designed to maximize capacity, facilitate growth, and evolve with your business.

As a leader among warehouse control system vendors, Numina Group provides “rock solid” systems that meet and exceed customer specifications through a combination of warehouse design and superior conveyor automation technologies. View actual case study videos from our customers to see why Numina Group has an excellent track record at implementing warehouse control system software that drives higher profitability.

Benefits of Warehouse Control Systems by Numina 

Our Real-Time Distribution warehouse conveyor automation control and execution system WCS-WES powers cutting edge automation and technologies that are proven to provide several significant benefits including:

  • Quick ROI
  • Increase order fulfillment accuracy rates to 99.99%
  • Increase overall profitability by 30% or more
  • Reduction in labor costs from 30% to 70%.  

Numina employs skilled software developers and experienced engineers with thorough application knowledge of the most advanced intelligent conveyor systems available. Our warehouse control and execution system is proven in hundreds of installations and guaranteed to deliver in demanding applications, with unsurpassed performance.

Warehouse Control System WCS by Numina Improves Productivity and Profitability 

RDS™ is a powerful WCS — warehouse control system — that integrates with any warehouse management system WMS or enterprise resource planning ERP system, bridging the gap between your order entry, resource planning and order fulfillment technologies.

Numina Group provides warehouse design services optimized for maximum throughput combined with proven technologies to improve productivity and profitability. Our high-tech industrial automation and control systems include:

  • Warehouse design for maximum throughput and capacity
  • Warehouse control system (WCS) that controls automated picking, packing, and shipping operations
  • Voice Picking Systems for hands-free pick and put applications
  • Labor Management Modules
  • Automated conveyor systems including Bombay, Tilt-tray, and Cross-belt Sorters
  • In-motion intelligent RFID barcode scanning with weight and dimension validation and sortation
  • Automated Print and Apply Labeling Systems
  • Automated Print-Fold-Insert technology for accurate placement of shipping documents, packing sheets and shipping labels

RDS™ brings together all elements of your order fulfillment process from basic data collection to sophisticated process optimization by managing product movement and material handling equipment with real-time control. RDS™ operates with real-time (sub-millisecond) multi-function control to execute tasks and business rules with automated material handling equipment. Let Numina Group show you how to automate your distribution operations to improve throughput, accuracy and to obtain higher profitability. 

Numina Group provides increased productivity and profitability to distribution centers and shipping operations across North America. Contact us today for proven solutions with automated order fulfillment technologies and to learn more about the industry’s leading warehouse conveyor systems.